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September Product of the Month

We thought with the end of summer fast approaching that it would be prudent to feature a product that will prolong your summer “glow” while firming up those problem areas. We receive many, many samples from PR firms from all over the country and have decided to publish results on some of those we have tested. While not everything does what they say they do, we will feature ones that we have found that live up to the hype.



Tone & TanKarin Herzog Tone & Tan

2-in-1 Toning Cream and Self-Tanner

5.108 ounces – $56


What It Is


Skin toner and self-tanner in one formula


What It Does


Tone & Tan firms the skin diminishing existing cellulite while at the same time providing an even, natural looking tan.


Why It’s Different


High concentrations of vitamin b12 and green tea provide an additional energy boost to active oxygen, while aiding the body’s natural metabolic function to break down fatty deposits, increase nutrient absorption and tone the skin. The gradual self-tanner provides a glowing tan without looking streaky or orange.


Features & Benefits:


Enhances the skin’s natural tone and firmness

Gradual self-tanning without streaks

Tightens and smoothes the skin surface

Lipolytic qualities which help to melt and remove unwanted fatty deposits

Paraben and preservative free


The Karin Herzog Tone & Tan is available at select salons and online via


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