From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, National Harbor

National Harbor

By Lani Gering

I can’t believe it is now 6 years that I have lived here in National Harbor. The landscape has really changed in this relatively short time and there have been many wild and crazy events in those years as well but August is always a quiet month. Maybe because of the heat. You can tell by the calendar of events that there really isn’t anything major going on other than the Crab & Beer Fest.

However, the heat and slower pace hasn’t put a damper on the latest Pokemon Go craze!! It has taken several different people in several different age ranges to try to explain just how this whole “game’ works since I really have no idea who the original Pokemon “people” are. In the past month or so I cannot believe the number of human people – pretty much from all age ranges – I have seen roaming around Old Town Alexandria and Southern Maryland where our sailboat is docked with heads down and at a zombies pace. When I was hoping that maybe National Harbor had dodged the Pokemon Go bullet since I haven’t really seen many roaming around I found out that there are seriously “Pokemon Go Specials” taking place enticing the Pokemon geeks to my neighborhood!

After thinking about it for a minute or so, I guess if a business is going to have people wandering in looking for one of the creatures or whatever they are called they might as well try to make a buck. Here is what I ran across:

AC Hotel and Lounge is offering a special Trainer Cocktail in the AC Lounge for $5. Evidently AC is located right by a Pokestop and has plenty of places to charge your phone.

The Capital Wheel is offering a$10 admission if you snap a picture of the Pokemon that you caught on the Capital Wheel Pier and share it on Facebook or tag them onTwitter.

Capital Teas is giving a 10% discount on all teas if a Pokemon is caught at the store. A screenshot of the capture has to be presented to the cashier at check out the same day.

Go Blue Wash on the first floor of the Fleet Street garage is offering 10% off any car wash service and FREE parking if a screenshot of a Pokemon taken anywhere in the Harbor is presented.

Peeps & Company will take 15% off of your purchase with a screenshot of a captured Pokemon.

Walrus Oyster & Ale House are giving away dessert with an entrée purchase with a screenshot of a captured Pokemon.

I am sure there are other places in the Harbor that have jumped on board but you will have to research them on your own!

National Harbor-Brother Jimmy's OpeningOf note on the Harbor restaurant scene, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ finally got its doors open in mid-July. We were happy to join them on the first night. BJBBQ is a welcome addition to the eatery line up in here. The BBQ really lives up to the hype – “Put Some South In Yo Mouth” – and the beer is nice and cold. By the time you all are reading this, they will have worked through the opening kinks and will be on a roll. BJBBQ joins sister restaurant Public House on Fleet Street with the soon to be open, Irish Whisper coming onboard next door.

What’s New at the Gaylord!

Gaylord National Resort has launched an all-new nightly Summer Lights Laser Show in its 19-story atrium at 9 p.m. Featuring a kaleidoscope of colors, visitors can enjoy a dynamic show including music, lasers and dancing water from its water fountain that shoots up to 60 feet high.

Construction on the resort’s freestanding RiverView Ballroom continues, with a projected opening date of July 2017. The ballroom will be the region’s largest waterfront ballroom with floor-to-ceiling window views of the Potomac River.

Relache Spa at Gaylord National Resort has introduced new menu of treatments designed for the specific needs of its male guests. The new offerings include body treatments, facials, hand and feet treatments and salon services. It also offers Express treatments for the man on the go. For a complete menu of services, visit

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