Day: December 1, 2015

National Harbor

The Tree is the Thing!

By Lani Gering The Tree is the Thing!!   As most of our regular readers know, we have enjoyed the 65 foot glass Christmas tree in the Atrium of the Gaylord Resort for the past several years and to be honest, I was a little sad when my friend Rachel at the hotel told me it was being replaced this year. I was a little suspect about what they could do to top that beautiful piece of art. Well…..they definitely made a great choice when they picked the Starlight Tree. At first glance, it sort of looks like something that the Jetson’s (for those of you that aren’t old enough to remember them, use your google app) would have in their house. I will admit that until I saw all of the “tricks” that it does I was a little disappointed at it’s far from “traditional” appearance. Those thoughts quickly dissipated when the light show began. It is fantastic! The photos featured here don’t do it justice by any means but will hopefully encourage you to go check it out. You won’t be disappointed!   The Starlight Tree is a 55-foot suspended Christmas tree located in the 19-story atrium. The tree was custom-designed by Hotopp Associates, the same designers of the resort’s famous ICE! attraction. It weighs nearly 4,000 pounds and is comprised of 50 five-point stars, inspired by Washington DC Americana and is representative of the 50 states of America. The tree topper displays one large star – signifying the Capital – a small cluster of stars pay homage to the deco liberty coin.   The body of the tree consists of 11 star tiers wrapped in altering handmade texturized green fabrics, finished with a metallic shine to play off both the natural lighting in the hotel’s atrium and…

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Business Profile

Ally & Andy: A Pet Lover’s Paradise!

By Bob Tagert Just as people are embracing the concept of farm to table with human dining, so is the pet food industry. People are becoming more concerned about what to feed their pets. That is one of the reasons that local Alexandrian Tom Schantz recently opened his new pet store, Ally & Indy Pet Supplies & Wellness Center. Located at 321 South Washington Street in Old Town Alexandria, it is a welcome addition to the south side of town. Schantz has had a life long love affair with dogs and cats. In 2002, he started For The Love of Dog, a dog walking, training, sitting and boarding company for people and their best friends. Taking it a step farther, he also established a cat sitting service. Schantz’s began his love of animals when he started volunteering at the Humane Society in 1990. Since then he has adopted and rescued many dogs and cats. The logo of the store is a dog with a cat perched on its back. The dog is Ally, a rescued huskie and the cat is Indy, a rescued DC cat. Although Ally is no longer alive, I am sure that his spirit runs through the store. Indy currently lives with a neighbor. The opening of Ally & Indy enables Schantz to continue his service to his furry friends. Not only does he carry protein rich natural foods but also offers a wellness center for dogs and cats. He and his staff provide information on nutrition and how to make your own food. There are also upcoming presentations by veterinarians, holistic vets and information about lost dog tracking. He will be giving talks on basic training, behavioral training as well as several other pet concern based topics. These sessions will be held at 7:30 on Thursday…

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