Pets of the Month

 Pets of the Month


Eli (A065606):POM - Eli This charmer is Eli, a 2-year old American Pit Bull Terrier. Eli is everything you could want in a dog – playful, goofy, polite, and cuddly. He loves to run around outside, go for walks (he is fabulous on a leash!), be around people, and sleep under the covers with you. If you’re looking for a new best friend who will always keep you smiling, Eli is definitely your guy!




POM - chi chi 1Chi-Chi (A053830): This gorgeous girl is Chi Chi! Chi Chi is a 6-year old Domestic Shorthair with beautiful calico fur and a very sweet personality to match. Her favorite things include lounging, napping, and relaxing, and she would be a perfect cat for someone looking for a calm, cool companion. Chi Chi does enjoy eating and will need some help working off some of her recent indulgences! If you think you could provide Chi Chi with some exercise, a comfy couch to sleep on, and plenty of love, stop by the AWLA and ask to meet her!

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