Spiritual Renaissance

How to Find Your Life Purpose

By Peggie Arvidson

Word has gotten out that your fingerprints hold the key to your life purpose, so naturally, each week; I get dozens of emails about the subject.

What I’ve learned is that people aren’t so much searching for their life purpose, they’re looking for a quick answer and maybe even someone else to blame if things don’t go “right.” The fact of the matter is, your purpose isn’t something you search for. It’s something that you ARE. Your purpose is part of you just like your nose or your big brown eyes.

Your purpose is easy to find. The challenge lies in trusting yourself enough to allow your purpose to shine through.

When someone comes to me to find their purpose I wonder if they want me to tell them to quit their job and raise goats, or if they are hoping to learn that they will be rich and can do whatever they want with their life.

Purpose is an inside job. Yes, your fingerprints can give you some words that identify your purpose, and those words are going to resonate and feel familiar. You might leave a reading feeling elated or you might leave feeling scared, but the work BEGINS then.

For example, there is a life purpose called, “Passion”. This purpose resides on your left Index (Jupiter) finger and it calls for you to bring passion to every single thing you do. Whether you’re washing dishes or dancing the tango, passion is the key.

People with this purpose are the ones most likely to wince and reply, “PEGGIE!! I have NO IDEA what I’m passionate about!”

That’s when things get good because they have the opportunity to recognize passion not as an end in itself, or a thing to be passionate ABOUT, but rather an energy or vibration to encompass in their stillness and their action.

There are 14 individual purposes in the hands. They can be combined in infinite ways. They are translated using your one-of-a-kind fingerprints. A hand analyst can translate them for you if you want. If it’s not in your realm of possibility to work with a hand analyst, here are 3 quick ways to find your purpose:

  1. What did you love to do when you were a kid? I loved creating make believe worlds and assigning every one of my friends a role, organizing plays, and making up businesses in my front yard. At some point I lost track of the sense of wonder and fun and after a decade of not using my playful imagination I was stagnant and looking for my purpose. My purpose requires that I trust in the magic of the world, so that I can be successful and hopefully inspirational. That’s not a job title, but I do bring that energy into my work.
  2. Where do you lose sense of time? Have you ever found yourself amazed that the sun has gone down? Whether you’re horseback riding, practicing a favorite instrument, playing video games, or doing something else altogether, if you lose track of time and even forget to eat, I’d say you’re onto something. You might say that you can’t make money doing any of those things and negate the whole idea, but listen to me. Your purpose isn’t about making money. Sure, it’s great to make money and to love what you do, but they aren’t the same thing. Also, follow the trail a bit. If you love horseback riding maybe it’s about the energy of getting consistently better at something, at the levels of competition or the connection with nature and horses. Follow that trail to find ways to bring that spirit into your work. The things that keep you focused and excited are keys to your purpose.
  3. What books and magazines surround you? Look at your coffee table, book cases and night stand. Can you pick a theme? Whether it’s design, chick lit or gossip sheets, there’s a message in that madness. What you love is where you spend your money and your time and that’s a big neon arrow pointing to your purpose. Again, don’t confuse your purpose with your career and don’t talk yourself out of something that you love just because it doesn’t seem “logical” or practical.

Remember the reason you’re seeking your purpose in the first place is likely connected to your disillusion with what you’re currently doing. Chances are you started doing what you’re doing because it seemed logical and safe and secure. I’m here to tell you that you can have your purpose and your security too – but you’re going to have to trust the process of being present. So don’t go looking for your purpose until you’re ready to embrace it in each aspect of your life!

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