Spiritual Renaissance

Are You a Healer?

By Peggie Arvidson

Sitting in my home office, I am eager to hear the wisdom of my hands. I can’t quite calm the pounding in

my heart as I dial in to begin the conversation with my Hand Analyst.

I’m comfy in my favorite nook, with a box of tissues and a glass of water by my side. “I’m ready,” I

began. Little did I know what Pandora’s Box was about to reveal.

About 30 minutes in, my head spinning, and Hand Analyst informed me that I was a healer.

I take a deep breath and reflect.

I am a person who comes close to fainting when faced with the sight of blood and believe that healing

requires medical degrees and years of clinical training. I’m not interested in any of it.

That was more than 10 years ago.

At the end of the reading I wasn’t much closer to understanding the “rules” for being a healer, that

understanding would dawn bit by bit over the next 7 years as I made a full-time pursuit of determining

the meaning of healer in my life.

If you’ve been told that you’re a healer and you’re thinking “WTF!” I totally understand.

In the 11 years since having my hands read, I have helped hundreds of clients decode the meaning of

“healer” for themselves, using much the same process I took myself through.

No surprise, I have a theory on why you are told you’re a healer, and why it seems so shocking. I’ve also

got some tips to help you suss out what being a healer can look like in your practical life – even while

you’re juggling a job, caring for your parents and your kids and trying to find the dang post-it note with

the details about your upcoming vacation.

If you’ve been to a psychic, oracle reader, astrologer, palmist or angel channeler you have been told

“You are a healer.”

The reason is this: we are all on the planet to help heal – ourselves, one another, the animals and the

Earth. I don’t say this to make you feel less special. I say it because when we take responsibility for

healing, ourselves first, then the world around us heals.

Healers, whether self-identified or not, are more likely to be seeking positive change in the world and

themselves at this moment in time. They are more likely to seek guidance from non-traditional sources

like psychics and other metaphysicians. You’ve heard it said that “like attracts like” and it’s true. The fact

that you took initiative to have a reading and seek insight for greater self-awareness indicates that you

have the healing mindset.

Until you were called a healer, you might think of healers as people in the medical or counseling fields.

You think of it as a job title more often than a lifestyle or mindset. My take is that a healer is any being

who is willing and able to hold a safe space for others to transform their personal experience of pain,

dis-ease and sadness.

As far as job titles go, healers are everywhere – from comedians (don’t you think Robin Williams was a

healer during his time here?) to sales directors to writers and jewelry designers. Of course there are

doctors, dog walkers, lawyers, athletes and teachers and more in the ranks of healers. How else will the

tide turn for healing and love on the planet, but with everyday people doing their thing and holding

space for others to be kind to themselves and the creatures they encounter?

Now it’s time to step into the energy of healing in your life.

This can be as easy as brushing your teeth every day. It becomes a habit that makes you feel good, keeps

you healthy and enhances the chances that others want to be around you.

Here’s the magic trick to being a healer:

1. Wake up.

2. Say thank you to the Universe, God, Spirit, All that Is.

3. Ask that Being how you can be of service.

4. Get out of bed and go about your day.

5. When things feel stuck, craptastic or otherwise horrid, ask yourself, “Self, what’s the most

healing action I can take right here, right now?” Then do it.

6. When things feel magical, extraordinary and particularly blessed, ask yourself, “Self, how can I

show the greatest appreciation for this moment, right here, right now?” Then do it.

That’s it.

You may have secretly wished I would send you off to a spiritual school or a metaphysical coaching

program. Perhaps you want a specific program of study or to be ordained into the path of a particular

shaman? All of those are possible ways for you to bring your healing into the world, if you feel

genuinely inspired and called to invest time and money in that process.

However, I assure you, you can heal the world from your corner of the world right now, by breathing in

and breathing out love for yourself and everyone and everything you encounter. Simply be the light and

see what happens!

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