Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes January 2015

Bob Tagert
Bob Tagert

Who’d a thunk it! When we started this rag in January of 1988 no one gave us a snowballs chance in hell. With this issue we start our 28th year, and it ain’t been easy! Sure there were high points, but were over compensated by the low points. “Will you run my press release for free, it’s a real cool event and only costs $40 to attend!” No ma’am, you make money it needs to be an ad! “Will you run this for free…we are a non-profit!” Well, if we did that for everyone that asks, we would be a non- profit too! Get my drift…every work costs us money. In truth, if it were not for the advertisers you see here month in and month out…we would not be here. We owe them so much. We also owe our loyal readers who pick us up every month…not jut here in Alexandria but throughout the region…you guys make it all worthwhile. We also owe all those who help contribute to the production of this publication and have patience with us when payment is due. (See how it snowballs). You can learn a little more about the beginnings of the Crier in this months’ Business Profile. (If we don’t blow our own horn, then who will?)

And for all of you who are reading this…

Happy New Year!

Got yer attention, didn’t I!

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