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Pets of the Month – Adopt in December!


Zeus (A061684): Zeus is a big guy with a big heart to match! Zeus may be on the large size but that just means there is more of him to love! He is a neutered male American Bulldog mix, estimated to be about three years old. This handsome dog loves running in the yard and chasing tennis balls. He also likes to go for walks around the neighborhood and to meet new friends. Because he is a big boy he will need some training to help him walk politely on a leash, but he is always eager to learn and he is very treat motivated! Zeus also knows the joys of relaxation, and loves lounging on his fluffy bed for an afternoon snooze. Come to the AWLA and meet Zeus today!


Twinkie (A060412):
Twinkie is as sweet as can be…maybe even sweeter than the delicious dessert! She is a spayed female Domestic Shorthair, estimated to be about four years old. She has beautiful green eyes that glow just as vibrantly as her spectacular personality; Twinkie doesn’t need to resort to meowing to get the attention she deserves. This graceful kitty is not just a treat for the eyes, she is softer and smoother than the cream filling (and has zero calories)! Once you start petting her silky smooth coat, she shows her gratitude by affectionately rubbing her face against your hand. Whether or not you care for Twinkies, this cat is definitely worth indulging in! Fall in love with her today and invite her into your family!

King Street Cats Adoption Calendar for December 2014

For details please see our Website:
Or contact us via email at:

King Street Cats
25 Dove Street, Alexandria, VA 22314
Every Saturday and Sunday from 1.30pm-4.30pm


Pro Feed
Bradlee Shopping Center, 3690 King St, Alexandria, VA 22302
Every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm-4pm


Petco Unleashed
1101 S Joyce St, Arlington, VA 22202
Saturday, December 6 and Saturday, December 20 and Sunday, December 21 from 1pm-4pm


The Dog Park
705 King Street, Alexandria, VA22314
Saturday, December 6 from 1pm-4pm


2772 S Arlington Mill Dr, Arlington VA, VA 22206
Sunday, December 14 from 1pm-4pm


Willston Shopping Center, 6100 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22044
Sunday, December 28 from 1pm-4pm


King Street Cats is looking for foster homes! You provide the spare room and TLC and we can provide food, litter and all vetting. Please email for our Kitten Fostering FAQ at:

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