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5 Marketing Challenges For Anyone Who Likes Setting (and achieving) New Goals!

Now, more than ever, the fall months seem to be the opportune time for challenges. From the #ALSicebucket to the 30-Day fitness challenge, we seem to have become a society that gets a kick out of setting (and meeting) hard to reach goals. It is with this in mind, that I invite you to keep a few marketing challenges in mind.

  1. Keep your eyes on the prize, but don’t set an unattainable goal.
  2. Stick to your marketing calendar; it’s too easy to get side tracked and say, “I’ll get to it tomorrow.”
  3. Find a great mix of songs that are sure to jump-start your creativity.
  4. Read, read, and read some more. If you don’t open yourself up to new ways of thinking, then you will soon find that you have on ‘creative blinders.’
  5. Stick with those blog posts and keep them original! You never know when your future customer is going to decide to read one of your posts; so make each post the best that it can be.

Excelling at the above challenges will help you to stay disciplined, create exceptional work, and improve your marketing capabilities. But then again, I might be a bit biased as I start on my own 100-Day Writer Challenge and #100HappyDays. What can I say, a good challenge is the perfect way to keep me motivated as the beautiful fall foliage begins to beckon.

Written by: Laura P. Parker
Laura P. Parker is a full-time freelance writer and marketing guru. For more marketing tips or consultation advice please contact her at

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