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July Garden Tips

Check out the following July gardening tips!

  • Remove faded flowers from perennials after they finish blooming. Deadheading redirects energy towards healthy roots.
  • Maintain a 3 to 4 inch mulch layer around trees and shrubs to protect them from mower and weed whacker damage.
  • Check plants regularly for insect problems; hand pick or use suitable control measures if found.
  • Fertilize warm-season grasses.
  • Plant butterfly nectar and larval food plants such as asclepias, buddleia, and passion flower.
  • Replace spent annuals with heat-tolerant lantana, verbena, pentas, and hibiscus,
  • Consider drip irrigation and/or soaker hoses as efficient watering alternatives.
  • Harvest raspberries and blackberries daily to avoid attracting insects to overripe fruit.
  • Prune water sprouts from apple trees.
  • Water flowerbeds and water flower beds and gardens deeply. This encourages a deep root system.
  • Start basil seedlings for a fall herb garden.
  • Mow warm-season grasses at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches; apply at least an inch of water a week.
  • Prevent rose diseases with a fungicide spray program.
  • For longest vase life, harvest cut flowers just as they begin to open and condition them in floral preservative.
  • Fertilize container plants every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer solution for best bloom.
  • Keep annuals in bloom by removing faded flowers.
  • Bats help control mosquitoes; attract these friendly mammals with bat houses.
  • Help trees survive the heat by mulching heavily over the root system–avoid mulch too close to the trunk.
  • Save space in the garden with trellises, fences, and stakes-harvest is easier too.
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