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Bubble Dip Old Town – Step Aside Trendy Coffee…

I count on the Crier’s business profile to keep me up to speed on what is new and on the rise, in and around Old Town. In a world of social media, some may call me old fashioned; nonetheless, I manage to survive. This month I had the opportunity to learn about a new craze in the caffeine world, and am excited to share something new for you to post on your Facebook and Pinterest pages alike!

Please help me welcome Jess Gurney and her husband Dan Chi to the neighborhood. Business owners, former military, and lovers of Alexandria, this past spring, Jess followed her bliss and brought us the new and popular Bubble Dip, located on 321 South Washington Street in Old Town. I have learned that, finally, there is a drink that is also fun to eat. (Yes, eat.) Trendy coffee drinks can step aside; bubble tea is the new craze and paired with Jess’s baked goods and savory treats Bubble Dip is a place you are going to want to know about.

In case you are not already aware, let me bring you up to speed. Bubble tea is a cold drink sensation, originally from Taiwan, of tea infused with fruit flavoring, shaken to produce bubbles, and served over sweet and chewy pearls. These pearls, also known as “bobas”, are are made from tapioca starch and taste sweet like caramel-flavored Jell-O. (She had me at cold drink sensation).

Jess has always had a passion for baking and the aspiration to own her own bakery. Now with business owner and manager after her name, she is wearing many hats and living her dream. How many of us can say that?

Although she is modest about her craft, there is no denying that Bubble Dip came to the neighborhood with an existing fan-base. Jess, who is an Army veteran (Go Army, Beat Navy!) used to send her husband, Dan, who is former Air Force, baked goods when he was away in training. News of her talent traveled quickly, and soon the sweet treats and the care packages they traveled in were coveted. Jess and Dan share a love for bubble tea, and with his encouragement and support, Bubble Dip become a reality.

Perhaps Jess’s favorite part of being her own boss, aside from the more comfortable uniform, is the interaction with her customers. Being able to talk with and get to know the “regulars” has brought her great joy, and after her experience working behind a computer and a “To Do” list, this environment is a welcomed change. When asked how her experience as business owner has been so far, Jess described the surrounding people of Alexandria as “lovely”. It is clear that she and Dan feel fortunate to be a part of beautiful and historic Old Town, working alongside many respected businesses and patrons.

From the newest sweet drink sensations, the grab-and-go lunch and savory snacks, to the incredible cupcakes, cookies and frostings made daily, Bubble Dip has something for everyone.  (Trust me when I tell you that the Taro and Green Tea cupcakes are not to be missed.) Have suggestions?  Don’t hesitate to share or ask! Jess is always welcome to ideas for the menu, as well as feedback about your experience.

You’re invited! Join Bubble Dip from 4 to 6 PM Monday through Thursday for the buy two, get one free cupcakes and munchies happy hour! In addition to supporting us through the uphill climb to Friday, Bubble Dip is also happy to help host events, participate in fundraisers, and help celebrate the neighborhood’s milestones.  Learn more at, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or (be old fashion like me and) stop in and visit today!

Written by: Elizabeth Jones

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