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How to Use Your Hands to Align Your Career with Your Passion

They call  me the Pragmatic Palmist and it’s as good a moniker as any. The type of palmistry I use is meant to be a tool for practical living. It’s not based in fortune-telling and it’s not about predicting anything – your marriage prospects, your financial investments or your life expectancy.

As Studs Terkel said, “Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor; in short, for a sort of life rather than a Monday through Friday sort of dying.”

Why shouldn’t we use every tool available to ensure we find our meaning and recognition and our right pay? Your hands hold some very practical clues to the easiest ways to align your career with your purpose and passions.

Quick example:  Alice came to me because she hated her job as a High School Math Teacher.  During her strategy session she shared that she’s been trying everything to find her right work for more than seven years. A divorced mom sharing custody of her two teens, she felt isolated and misunderstood in her small town community in the Midwest.

Alice made her handprints and mailed them back to me and we used this personalized map to breakthrough the assumptions that hinder her ability to make changes.  We identified her Supercomputer head line and the way that it can keep her playing small. A person with this  type of head line can feel overly bored and frustrated in their daily life so it’s important for them to ask themselves if they are working on solving important and big problems that will contribute to healing humanity.

As we’ve worked through the keys to her “hard-wiring” based on her hands, Alice has found a way to lean into her “aha” moments, which often surprise her. The key she says, “is there are so many things coming up that I’ve never thought of – but are so valid and intrinsic to who I am and what I really want my legacy to be.”

Here are some of the ways your hands help in overcoming seemingly insurmountable career obstacles:

  • They provide clarity – allowing you to move through change with certainty. They are YOUR hands – they illuminate your truth, not your “shoulds”
  • When you objectively understand the meanings of your lines and prints, you prepare yourself internally to receive guidance regarding your true direction.
  • Translating the meaning in your hands, allows you to resolve lingering emotional issues and beliefs.
  • Your hands give you permission to start exactly where you are, without ego pressures to be someone or something else.
  • Provide the resources you need to let go of limiting beliefs about your worth and your career.

While each client is hard-wired differently, a hand analysis session follows a simple process, which allows for your input and results in your ability to create a specific action plan to achieve your career and income goals.

Your hands are composed of the following lines, these can help you create a vision of work that will be most satisfying and lucrative for you:  (Nearly everyone has the first three lines, the additional lines may or may not be present on your hands).

  • Life Line: This line demonstrates how grounded you are in your life at this moment. It indicates your capacity for physical exertion and your need for movement. It does not indicate the length of your life.
  • Head line: This line shows how you think and how you wish others would think. It’s an indicator of your desire for projects and work that require lots of research and discussion versus a desire to get to the bottom line quickly.
  • Heart line: This line indicates how you show up in interpersonal and group communications. It provides clues about your desired work environment and role as well as the types of bosses and staff you are likely to “hit it off” with!
  • Saturn/Fate line: Describes your ability to manage large projects with multiple moving pieces. It also indicates your need for security and status in the workplace.
  • Mercury line: Shows your particular depth of communication skill. It’s a clue to your ability to take complex information and make it easy for everyone to understand – perhaps indicating your prowess as a technical writer or even a lawyer.
  • Apollo line: Indicative of your creative process – whether it’s artistic or an ability to creatively solve problems. It’s also a clue about your ability to take the spotlight, if you have a strong Apollo line, finding a career that allows you to be recognized and appreciated for your work is imperative.

This is just a sampling of the information in your hands and how it can help you align your passions with your career. I invite you to take a look at the lines in your hands in a new way and trust your intuition about what you “see” when you look at your palms.

Written by: Peggie Arvidson

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