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November Pets of the Month

By Erin Shackelford

Sky is a gorgeous, unique-looking 3-year-old pup with soulful eyes and fabulous ears that go on for daaayyysss …When Sky arrived at the AWLA, she was a little shy, but thanks to the dedicated work of our animal care team and volunteers, she has shown us her star qualities! Sky is an easy pup that takes treats gently. She knows “sit” and “paw,” and she’s a very good leash walker. Sky is very affectionate and leans in close for pets and head scratches. Even though she’s a fairly chill pup, she still enjoys a game of fetch or tug. We know from her previous owner that Sky has very good house manners and is a lovebug through and through. Come meet Sky! She’ll be your sunshine on a cloudy day!

Tanner is a 1-year-old beautiful chocolate-colored male dog. He arrived at the shelter as a found animal, but sadly no one came searching for him. As a youngster, he has a zest and vibrance for life and loves to have fun! Our staff and volunteers report that he absolutely adores running around the play yards chasing toys. He’s not so great at bringing them back yet, but he’s a work in progress! In between running after toys, he will plop down by you and ask for belly rubs and pets. Tanner is very attentive to treats. He already knows the cue for “sit,” and he will take treats gently from your hand. Tanner would love to find an active family who would spend time taking him on walks or runs or allowing him time to play. Tanner recently had a play session with another adoptable dog named Kaiser, and they had a blast together.

Igor is a 3-year-old dog with a heart as big as his noggin’. Igor has been a favorite of our volunteers, staff, and Summer Campers. He seems to really enjoy the kids and is gentle. He loves to chase toys and play in the yard. He also really likes a good back scratch/roll in the yard. He is a smart dog and knows the cues for sit and down. Igor is a good combo of low-key and active, so he will make a great adventure buddy, but also knows when it’s time to relax. He’s a strong boy and needs a little work on his leash manners, but he’s very food motivated, so there’s no end to what he can learn! Igor seems to be very interested in other playful pups, but he definitely needs someone in his weight class to spar with. We can facilitate doggie meet and greets here at the shelter with any possible adopters.

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