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The Eyes Have It

By Genevieve LeFranc

Fewer things leave us feeling more refreshed than the first signs of autumn. Cold, foggy mornings with frosted grass; air that smells smoky, woodsy and crisp; and that tingling excitement that comes in anticipation of the holiday season and time spent with family.

While we briefly mourn the loss of summer, not one of us will miss the days of makeup dripping off our faces under the summer sun, or hiding behind massive sunglasses because of the former. Fall is the time we unpack those boxes of chunky knits and nubby knee socks, and begin to embrace the glittering, sumptuous jewel tones that dazzle this time of year.

Autumn gets better as the days get shorter, and colors begin to unfold before our eyes. From the fiery foliage of morphing leaves, to the earthy palette of pumpkins and gourds, no other season embraces rich, refined colors quite like fall. So give your makeup bag an autumnal revamping that will rival the most colorful throngs of Halloween trick or treaters.

Eyes are the stars of fall so don’t be afraid to give them the vibrant attention they deserve this time of year. Bold, striking brows, sleek liner, thick lashes, and mesmerizing palates turned up on the runways at Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and Prada.

The best way to execute a colorful eye look is to work with what you got! Use the natural color of your eyes, using complementary colors to guide you.

Baby Blues

Blue-eyed beauties should stay in the amber to bronze range. Other than that, feel free to explore this color range. If your eyes are a deep, denim blue, try a rich amber, a luxe copper, or a shimmery rust shade to provide a beautiful contrast. For pale, icy blue eyes, try a warm gold or a shade with fine shimmer. If you are a bit more conservative, simple earth tones look mesmerizing as well, like a taupe or slate gray. No matter what shade your baby blues, stay far away from blue shadows and liners. The hue will dull the luminosity of your eyes, and anything in the purple family will only make you look bruised or tired. Pull inspiration from a glowing harvest moon, rich caramel apples, or the glow from a crackling fire.

Green with Envy

With the right makeup, green eyes can be the most beautiful shade to play up with gemstone palates. The complimentary color to green is red, so choose shades with a red base, such as purples, violets, and mauves. The same goes for hazel eyes. A velvety, intense purple will instantly make either eye color pop, and the striking contrast makes your eye look more dramatic, perfect for evening. A rich plum is absolutely beautiful for autumn, whether in a matte shade or reflective pearl finish. Purple looks sexy, striking, and flattering with nearly every eye color, so don’t think green-eyed beauties get all the fun!

Brown Eyed Girl

Brown eyed girls, such as myself, can really have the most fun since we do not have an opposite or complementary color, meaning we can make nearly any color eye makeup work. Play around to discover some tried and true colors you can incorporate into the season. If you’re feeling experimental and funky, find a sparkling amethyst hue. For an easy day-to-night shade, choose a smooth olive green or a festive emerald. I rely on a cultivated arsenal of tried and true earthy browns for a natural go-to look. It’s comfortable and appropriate for all occasions, naturally enhancing, and can be casual or sexy and smoky without muddying your doe eyes. For my brown eyes I absolutely love metallic bronzes and deep, shimmering chocolates.

Autumn is a season full of exciting possibilities and prospects—we are in that blissful limbo after the sticky hot months of summer but before the biting winter cold and holiday chaos, and everyone seems to be in high spirits thanks to the gorgeous weather and riot of color around us. Don’t let the kids have all the fun this October with the face paint and costumes—decorate your eyes with luxurious, opulent tints and tones. Experiment with jewel tones with shadows, liners, or even colored mascaras. Intensify and deepen colors of powder shadows for special occasions or evening by wetting your makeup brush with distilled water. You can also use rich pigments, highly concentrated loose color powder that is easy to blend, long lasting and can create a subtle wash of color or an intense, dramatic effect.

Polish off your perfect look with shapely brows and black, fringed eyelashes. Autumn is the time to be bold and have confidence. Don’t limit yourself to rich, intense color with just a festive scarf—don the breathtaking palate of fall on your eyes and turn heads this season.

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