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By Erin Shackleford

October is a month of tricks, treats, fear, and fright. While some pups may dig a horror movie marathon, you’d probably find Garnet, Onyx and Gambit hiding under the covers with the “pup-corn”. They’re looking for special guardians that will show them the world really isn’t so scary after all. While each of them will require a little extra love and patience, there is truly nothing more special than watching a dog’s confidence grow and blossom when they know they are safe, loved, and cared for. Each pup promises that they are worth the investment!

Garnet is a 1-year-old, 39-pound pup who needs a special person to shower her with love and patience. Thanks to a temporary foster, we were able to learn that Garnet seems to do well with children and is nearly totally house trained. We were told that she picked up the home’s routine very quickly. Garnet can’t turn down a good hot dog treat, so little snacks are certainly the way to her heart.

Onyx is a 1-year-old, 48-pound dog who arrived with Garnet. Onyx’s wrinkly face and forehead give him the cutest appearance, but his concerned eyes let you know he’s unsure and a little scared here at the shelter. He desperately needs someone he can learn to trust. Onyx has developed a reputation for being extremely good at food puzzles. He seems to enjoy the “hunt” for the tasty treats and he’s bested all the toys he’s tried. We’d love to find this boy a home soon, so he can start becoming the happy-go-lucky pup we know he desperately wants to be!

*Garnet and Onyx arrived as found animals together. We are not sure if they lived together previously.

Gambit is a 1-2 year old, 63-pound dog who can be shy when meeting new people. However, he warms up fairly quickly. Since arriving at the AWLA, we have seen Gambit’s confidence grow. Gambit does very well on a leash and is easy to walk. We know from his previous owner that Gambit has good house manners and can be an incredibly loving dog. We have also learned that he lived harmoniously with another dog. The AWLA can facilitate meet and greets between Gambit and any new possible canine siblings to be sure they’re a good match.

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