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Pets of the Month

By Erin Shackleford

Sammy: Ready for a face that will melt your heart? Sammy’s puppy-dog eyes and playful personality are charming. Sammy is an 11-month-old male dog who is searching for a patient, loving home. While he is friendly and cuddly, he can be shy and timid in new situations and around new people, mostly men he doesn’t know. He is working very hard on his leash walking and confidence building in his foster home. Once Sammy knows you’re A-OK, he’s the best, most loving and loyal companion.

Sweet Pea: Lookin’ for some bunny to spend Easter with? Sweet Pea is a 2-year-old female American Chinchilla rabbit. She can’t indulge in Easter goodies like chocolate and jelly beans, but she does enjoy munching on hay and leafy veggies. While Easter may be a good time to consider a rabbit as a pet, remember they are companions meant for all year long. Sweet Pea is a friendly and sociable gal who would love to find an adoptive home.

Freeda: Freeda is ready to be free of the shelter! While she is enjoying her time with volunteers and staff, Freeda is ready to be in a home. We just can’t figure out why this perfect little pooch hasn’t been scooped up yet. She is a 1 year old female dog who is spunky, playful and loves everyone she meets. She has been great with other playful dogs. Affectionate and lovely, Freeda would make a wonderful family companion.

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