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Pets of the Month

By Erin Shackelford



Are you looking for a lucky charm this St. Paw-trick’s Day? Look no further than Rosie! She is a 3-year-old female dog who is ready to shamrock and roll. She is described as an epic snuggler, lover of plush squeaky toys, but a gal with just the right amount of energy to revel in outdoor adventures like searching for pots o’ gold.


Ready to “spring ahead?” Murphy is dreaming of more daylight hours to enjoy his squeaky toys and sniffaris. He is a distinguished gentleman at 8 years old. Mr. Murph has waited far too long for family – and we can’t understand why! He gets along with everyone he meets, loves a good booty scratch, and – even better – he has excellent house and crate manners.


Hay! What is it good for? Absolutely everything! Buddy boy loves munching and crunching on it, but also playing hide and seek in it. Some of his other favorite foods are carrots, apples, and berries. His friends describe him as friendly and charming once he gets comfortable with you. Buddy is a male guinea pig and can’t wait to show you his impressive zoomies!

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