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Pets of the Month

By Gina Hardter



With good-natured Caden by your side, it’s never Mardi Growl, but he sure is ready for some fun!  This energetic one-year-old is the life of the party and he loves a good parade, especially if he gets to take the lead, perhaps with his favorite stuffed toy in his mouth.  But Caden’s not seeking beads and king cakes; he’d be happy with a stylish collar and some dog biscuits any day.  Learn more about Caden at


This Valentine’s Day, are you ready to take a chance on love?  4-year-old Chance is used to getting attention for his stunning good looks, but he wants his future best friend to love him for what’s inside: his well-mannered personality, his cleverness and his loyalty to his human companions.  Though he will admit, he’s pretty darn good at snuggling too! Stop by the AWLA to take your chance today.


Sir Theodore Pawsevelt isn’t hung up on formalities this Presidents’ Day; you can just call him Theo.  At 20 months old, he might be a bit too young to run for office, but he’d be happy to run around the yard, along the waterfront or down the hiking path.  Theo is always focused on the Big Issues, including which treats are the best (all of them) and housing equality (all pets should have homes).  Learn more about Theo and his is his “pawlitical” platform by emailing

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