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Pets of the Month

By Gina Hardter



It may be the back-to-school season, but Jazz has spent the entire summer with his nose in the “cat training” book.  Thanks to his teachers at the AWLA, the 5-year-old gray and white kitty has already perfected a variety of tricks, including Sit, Down, Spin and even the demanding Sit Pretty.  Who even knew you could teach a cat tricks?  Jazz is ready to bring his book-learning to a brand new home of his own AND his adoption fees have been pre-paid by a generous donor, so schedule time to meet him today by contacting the AWLA at or 703.746.4774.


At 9 years old, Link knows you’re never too old to learn a new trick or two, and he already has a pretty broad repertoire, including Sit, Stay and Shake.  But at Back-to-School time, this Labrador retriever mix is ready to start a new training routine, one that involves long walks in the morning with lots of sniffing (to stimulate the body and mind), hearty meals and lots of treats in reward for all his new skills.  If you’re ready to put on your teaching hat, Link is ready to learn.  Schedule time to meet Link by emailing


What’s Buntilda’s favorite thing about the Back-to-School season?  Pre-packaged veggie snacks, of course!  Whether it’s apple slices, leafy greens, broccoli or, yes, carrots, Buntilda is happy for something to munch on as she’s going about her day.  This 16-month-old American rabbit also enjoys the naptime portion of school and well as arts and crafts.  Learn more about her artistic sensibilities by emailing

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