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Pets of the Month

By Gina Hardter


14–year-old Brown is always chill, no matter the temperatures.  This laid-back mastiff mix prefers to take it easy when the mercury soars, with a lot of time snoozing in bed – though he’s happy to join his human friends for a bout of snuggling.  Schedule time to meet Brown from his foster home by emailing


How does Honey stay cool?  By letting the summer breeze flap through her ears and keeping her smile bigger than the sun.  At 6 years old, this terrier mix keeps her brain busy learning new tricks in the cool of the A/C; she doesn’t need long walks in the sun.  Learn more about Honey by emailing or calling 703.746.4774.


Carlie’s got it made in the shade this summer.  Now all she needs is a family to call her own!  Carlie’s Summer Tips: When you get warm chasing all the toys, a nice roll on the grass is the best way to cool down.  Thanks for the advice, Carlie!  Meet Carlie by calling 703.746.4774 or emailing

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