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SomaSou MedSpa: Where Eye Care and MedSpa Collide

By Lani Gering

Things have gotten way out of hand for me this month and I am running way behind. As fate would have it, just when I was agonizing over a business to profile this month, I received an email from our friend and local PR professional Maurissa Potts of Spotted MP. She saved the day! We always like to profile new businesses and as luck would have it this new business falls in line with Mother’s Day since the majority of their services are for the women in our lives.

Alexandria’s newest med spa, SomaSou, opened its new location in the Del Ray section of Alexandria on April 21st. If it “sounds Greek” to you, that’s probably because it is…SomaSou, which means ‘your body’ in Greek, is Del Ray’s first med spa, offering services to promote vitality, strength, and confidence to all individuals of all ages.

The 1400 square foot spa will provide medical aesthetics and non-surgical treatment options that focus on creating personalized treatment plans for clients to help them meet their personal aesthetic and wellness needs. The med spa will be introducing a variety of services ranging from and including skin rejuvenation treatments, laser hair removal, innovative fat burning and muscle building technology, as well as tailored men’s services.

One of their signature services is Radiofrequency Microneedling, which is a non-invasive treatment to help skin texture and strengthen the skin’s collagen. With no downtime or peeling, this treatment is a patient favorite. The med spa also carries a curated selection of medical-grade skincare for both women and men.

Whose idea was this in the first place? The new med spa concept was created by Dr. Dora Adamopoulos, a local and well-known Optometrist, who is the founder of Eye2Eye, a community-oriented eye care practice that has been in Del Ray since 2008.

“Practicing as an eye care provider for the past 22 years, I have had the chance to bond and grow with my patients, staff, and community,” said Dr. Adamopoulos. “Using my Mediterranean roots as my inspiration, I created SomaSou because I wanted to be able to offer ways to help people gain their confidence from lifestyle changes to bringing back the vitality of their body while focusing on their overall wellness. More importantly by being able to improve elements of themselves without surgery.

When the opportunity arose to open a center that could address these issues, I jumped at the chance and brought on experienced and skilled medical professionals to launch the vision of SomaSou. I am excited to expand into this new industry venture.”

I, for one, am anxious to check out a few of the services offered for those of us who are 50+. Not really being one to seek out a spa of any sort, I think this is a place I will consider.

SomaSou MedSpa

1504-A Mount Vernon Ave

Alexandria, VA

Social Media: @somasou__

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