Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes May 2022

As we move into the month of May the Democracy of America still seems up for grabs, there is a potential nuclear war threatened by Russia in Ukraine, gas prices are high and Elon Musk bought Twitter for a paltry 44 billion dollars. The good news is that the May issue of the Old Town Crier is in your hands and we will attempt to take you away to a calmer world.

To get this off on the right foot, Tim Long takes a look at whether you should change your preference in beer in Let’s Get Crafty as summer approaches. Side note: as I write this Tim and his wife are in St. Barth exploring some of the island nectar. Can you spell Rhum? Along with that Caribbean theme, Alexander Britell takes us to the Bahamas and the Goombay Smash in the Caribbean Connection. See, you are already feeling better. If wine, women and song are more to your taste, check out the women of wine in Grapevine and read about The Love Songs of W.E.B Dubois in The Last Word. Our Road Trip took us down to Solomons, Maryland and Annmarie Sculpture Gardens and the Calvert Marine Museum to a visit to the Fairies, Gnomes, Otters and Rays. In To the Blue Ridge, Julie Reardon takes a new twist on Older Women, Younger Whiskey…Faster Horses (then check out the ad on the inside back cover). For those Java lovers out there, we explored the allure of coffee and mentioned the independents in Old Town in Dining Out. In Personality Profile we introduce you to Rick Boyd, a true Old Town man about town.

On May 22nd the Old Town Festival of Speed & Style returns to Old Town. This is a chance to enjoy vintage automobiles and explore the world of fashion. Check out the announcement in this issue for more information.

As bleak as my intro was, it could be worse…and it was this past month. We said goodbye to an Old Town original, Rob Kaufman. Sailor, businessman and builder of the future lost his battle with cancer. In my over 40 years in Old Town, I can say that I never met a finer person. Rob may be gone but his buildings will live in Old Town forever and I will smile each time I see one or each time I step on my sailboat. Fair Winds and Following Seas Rob…


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