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What’s Chunky’s favorite thing about spring?  Using walks as an excuse to stop and smell the roses…or the tulips….or the daffodils…or that pretty flowering tree over there.  Chunky is excited for the opportunity to be outside and feel the (no-longer freezing) breeze in his ears, and he’s ready for some good long walks with his new family.  Help Chunky’s spring wishes come true; email or call 703.746.4774 to learn how to meet Chunky from his foster home.



April showers may bring May flowers, but in March, Munchkin is just hoping for a sunny spot in the window to watch the world go by – and a little bird-watching could be fun too!  2-year-old Munchkin is the type of cat who is comfortable doing his own thing, but when he’s looking for affection, he’ll be by your side, head butting your hand for gentle ear scratches and head rubs.  Munchkin would prefer a household with adults or older children who understand and respect his zen in the sun vibe.  Learn more about him and how to meet him in his foster home by emailing or calling 703.746.4774.



There’s nothing better than fresh springtime vegetables, at least according to Moana the guinea pig!  3-year-old Moana enjoys all kinds of healthy treats, from apples to broccoli and even kale!  You could call her a bit of a Fit Fanatic.  Moana also enjoys hanging out with her favorite people, taking in a movie or two on the couch and playing in her very own castle.  Schedule time to meet her in her foster home by emailing or calling 703.746.4774.

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