Notes from the Publisher

Publisher’s Notes

By Bob Tagert

Publisher’s Notes

This month begins another milestone for us. We begin our 35th year of producing the Old Town Crier. With this issue that makes 409 issues. Back in January 1988 our Old Town friends never thought we would complete 9 – issues that is. We are proud of the service that we have provided to not only Alexandria but also the connection of the Bay to the Blue Ridge. It always was our intention to make Old Town and Alexandria the centerpiece of the magazine while including the Chesapeake Bay area around southern Maryland and the Blue Ridge mountains, the Shenandoah Valley and the Virginia wineries. We have accomplished that while others have tried to copy our plan. When we started, the heart of Old Town was only eight blocks long with a few shops on Cameron Street. Now Old Town stretches from the Potomac River to the Metro station and more shops and restaurants have filled the side streets.

Reaching this milestone would not have been possible without a number of folks who have made our trip easier. I will not attempt to name them for fear of leaving out someone, but you know who you are! In addition to those who gave a helping hand, we also could not have done it without those who supported us with their advertising dollars…and you know who you are! Please take a look through this issue and make it a purpose of the New Year to patronize those businesses in this publication. They are truly our partners.

We started the publication when I was 40 years old. I turn 75 this year. I have seen a lot, but nothing like January 6th of last year. Say a prayer for our country or better yet, get active. I grew up here. The Capitol building was always sacred ground. When touring one talked in hushed tones out of respect. That has changed. There is no respect. Exercise your right and responsibility and vote in the upcoming mid-terms. And while I’m on my bandwagon….please get vaccinated and “boosted” so we can contribute to the world getting a handle on the damned virus!!

On a much lighter note…because you are holding the Old Town Crier in your hand, I want to say THANK YOU for picking us up!

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