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Out With the Old, In With the New (kinda)

By Lani Gering

Out With the Old, In With the New (kinda)

As I was brainstorming about what the subject matter for this column was going to be going into the New Year I decided to dig back into the archives and see what inspired me in years past. Well…2020 found me introducing Ollie – the vehicle that drove itself – and now it’s gone and last year I talked about how to “safely” navigate the stupid virus while dining in the Harbor and that’s still hanging around. I really would have preferred Ollie to stick around!

January is normally a really slow month everywhere but after having such a flurry of holiday activity this December compared to the almost total absence of it in the Harbor last December – remember that the Gaylord was totally shut down in 2020 – this January is on its way to being a record setter. And…tack on the fact that there is yet another new variant of the virus roaming around, it isn’t looking like the mask mandate in PG County is going to be lifted again anytime soon. Let’s just hope that those who have yet to be vaccinated and boosted get with the program, follow the science and get taken care of.

January is a good month to reflect on the last year and revel in the good stuff and shine on the bad. There is only one way to go and that is forward. I’ve never been one to make a New Year’s resolution because it seems I can never live up to it. It’s the same way when I pretend I’m Catholic during Lent – I am actually Episcopalian aka Catholic lite. In my 68 years I’ve never made it past a week with the Lent business. I guess maybe if my “sacrifices” were more attainable than giving up beer, wine or pizza I would fare much better.

Enough of the Debbie Downer talk. I am going into 2022 with a good attitude! I have been attending classes at the Row House since November and I hit my 50,000 meters a couple of weeks ago. I have found something that I really like doing so am carrying that into the New Year. Since I had to move from the Harbor in July of 2020 because of lost revenue due to Covid, I haven’t been able to keep my finger on the pulse of the Harbor like I had for the previous 10 years. I am going to make it a point to head across the bridge from Old Town often to see my pals at Bond 45, Fiorella’s, Brother Jimmy’s, Public House, Irish Whisper and Old Hickory and the Belvedere Lobby Bar in the Gaylord. I also plan to buy some of the fantastic ramen noodles and chicken noodle soup at Potomac Gourmet – I really miss just putting on my bunny slippers and running down to this store from the condo without having to go outside.

I would like to encourage all of you reading this column to give some consideration to spending an afternoon or evening in the Harbor during this quiet time of the year. The crowds from the holidays will be gone and the stores will have post-holiday season sales in full swing. If the weather this month is anything like it was in December, you may have some 60 degree days to enjoy a stroll along the waterfront and up American Way. And we can’t forget the Capital Wheel…they always have great packages available – – and no matter the temp, the gondolas are heated so they are nice and cozy. Good time of year to take a spin!

Wishing you all a fabulous 2022!


We have been considering adding another dimension to this column and feature a short Harbor Business Profile each month during 2022. If any of you have a particular business you would like to see in this space, contact me via email at with the name, address and a contact person information.

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