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November Pets of the Month

Elton John

At 10 years old, sweet and soulful Elton John knows the way to your heart.  No, it’s not music; it’s his endearing personality and handsome face!  This American bulldog can be a bit shy at first, but once he gets to you know, be prepared for the best friend you could ask for.  And best of all, his adoption fee has already been paid, so he’s ready to meet his new family today.  Visit for more information.



It wouldn’t be surprising if you confused Carson for your shadow, not because he’s black, but because he’d like to be by your side all day long.  This 14-year-old gent is the sweetest guy, and he is currently enjoying a stay in a foster home on the way to meeting his future family.  He’d prefer to be your only cat – so he can focus all his attention on you – and his adoption fees have already been paid.  Schedule time to meet with Carson in his foster home today by emailing or calling 703.746.4774.


Karli & Ilana

Bunny best friends Ilana and Karli know how to get the joint hopping.  The bonded pair of 10-month-old Holland Lop rabbits have lived together for their entire lives and are excited to welcome their new family into their Best Friends Club.  This dynamic duo are sweet, snuggly and just a bit sassy; everything you could want in a new bunny friend.  To schedule time to meet them, visit


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