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These last couple of years have been a bit trying and as hard as it may seem we all have something to be thankful for every day. On top of the blessings we enjoy with a roof over our head and food in the fridge we are thankful for all of you readers and advertisers – without you we wouldn’t be here!

Contributors Thanks:

I’m grateful for, in no particular order, mashed potatoes, vaccines, caregivers, medical personnel, my family, more mashed potatoes, second helpings of everything, yoga pants, a wealth of friends, and the best family a girl could ask for. – Lori Welch Brown, Open Space

I am thankful and grateful to be living in the greatest nation in the history of our planet. – F. Lennox Campello, Gallery Beat

I’m thankful for the health and good fortune of my precious family and friends. This year I am especially grateful for my new Chiweenie puppy, Max, who lightens every day. – Miriam R. Kramer, Last Word

I’m so thankful for good music and good art and the people that create it. I’m also thankful for all the kindness people have shown me over the last year. Whether it’s from friends, family or a random stranger on the street. It’s always nice to see the good in people shine through. – Ron Powers, High Notes

July 2021 marked the beginning of my 25th year with Crier Media Group.  Bob, Lani and I met in 1996 when the Olympic torch was coming to Alexandria.  They asked if I, a then-ACVA Board member would write a one-time only article recounting the event.  It is from that experience A Bit of History was born.  I am thankful a chance encounter has proven successful; for Bob and Lani’s giving me the time and space to grow the column, and for each and every loyal reader. – Sarah Becker, A Bit of History

There are so many things I am thankful for, but the ones at the top of my list at the moment, after my family, are the many people who have taught and mentored me over the years and the opportunity I have to pass along that knowledge by mentoring the new generations of farmers and land stewards, the beauty of the countryside here in our corner of Virginia and the chance to play a part in preserving it, the challenges that help me keep growing and learning and, as you’ll see in my column this month, the chances we all have at a “do-over” to set things right when needed. – Doug Fabbioli, Exploring VA Wines

The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is grateful for the support of our amazing community, who offer their time, skills, funds and hearts to help animals throughout our community and across the country.  Thank you for making Alexandria a wonderful home for pets and the people who love them! – Gina Hardter, Pets of the Month

I’m thankful that tourism-reliant communities across the country are finally having the chance to bounce back stronger than ever after a tough year and a half. Here’s to an even stronger 2022! – Scott Dicken, Take Photos, Leave Footprints

The beauty of this holiday is that it beacons us reflect on what we have, not what we don’t have. I am thankful for my lovely wife, my crazy dog, my family, and my friends. Never take for granted the love and support you have in your life.  I give thanks that I live in such a beautiful area. And I’m thankful that I can give back to this great community through my work with the SCYC (Santa Claus Yacht Club). Helping those in need is a very rewarding experience. – Timothy Long, Let’s Get Crafty

Being able to share my fishing knowledge and experience with others, especially the younger kids in our family, passing on a legacy they will always remember. – Steve Chaconas, Go Fish

I’m thankful for my health and my family’s health, especially as the pandemic continues. I also want to thank all of the healthcare workers who risk their own wellness taking care of others that need lifesaving treatment.- Ryan Unverzagt, From the Trainer

I’m thankful for my parent’s health. My friends who have supported me. And a wine industry that has embraced me. – Matthew Fitzsimmons, Grapevine




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