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Replay at the Resort

By Lani Gering

Replay at the Resort

Many of you regular OTC readers may remember that I touched on the 80’s themed “pop up” that was gracing the Pose Rooftop Lounge space in the Gaylord in the August issue. It was only supposed to have a summertime life span but its tenure has been extended through the fall and maybe into the holiday season!

Replay is a take on everything 80’s including the music that streams through the many speakers throughout the space. On my visit there in mid-August, I was so happy to know all of the words to pretty much all of the songs that aired while I was there. You know, like Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon”….it’s the little things! This place is very interactive with retro games like Pong and the infamous Rubik’s Cube. There are replicas of the televisions of the 80’s and lots of neon and the specialty milkshakes are served on Replay frisbees.

The décor is way fun. My favorite seating is on one of the big red lip sofas and there are several different groupings with other very art deco looking designs. The color schemes are soothing in one sense and exhilarating in another.

The purpose of my trek to Replay, however, was to “test drive” the new fall “boozy” concoctions. While full bar service (both alcoholic and non) is available at Replay, their specialty drinks and “boozy” milkshakes are the highlights of the house. I love being invited to things like this. I drank every one of the three specialty cocktails and as much of the featured milkshake as I could without getting brain freeze. I have to admit that I was sort of skeptical of the “Scarface” concoction but it was fantastic and I’m not a huge fan of pumpkin spice but I did like the milkshake. The drink portions are generous and the presentation is fabulous. The milkshake comes with basically a full cookie combo dessert as a topper!

New to the club since my initial visit last July is their General Manager and Lounge Poet, Jarell Goodwin. Yes….they have a Lounge Poet. As part of his “Poet” duties, Jarell performs a toast with words of encouragement, profound thoughts and colorful advice as the sun sets on the Potomac. Goodwin has been in the hospitality industry for over a decade, with a strong background in luxury hospitality. He was previously employed with the W Hotel in D.C. where he was the manager for POV – the well-known rooftop bar. Aside from his love of craft beverages and fine wines – he is also a self-published author, whose first project was set to give back all the knowledge he wished he’d had before starting out in the hospitality industry. His book is titled, “You’re F*cking Welcome”.

The club is open to all ages from 4-9 pm and then to adults only after 9 and they close at midnight. The entrance is located to your immediate right as you enter the main doors on the north side of the building. Take the express elevator to the club level and you are there.

I had the pleasure of meeting with my longtime Gaylord Marketing guru Jennifer Cerasani and their latest hire, Patrice Clayton, during my adventure. We discussed the challenges the Resort has faced and where things are headed in the future. I did my best to get them to spill the beans about the upcoming holiday promotion(s). The only thing they would guarantee is that it is going to be even bigger and better than the previous “Christmas On the Potomac” celebrations. Those are big shoes to fill. I looked forward to the ICE productions and all of the other hoopla every year. Jennifer assures me I will not be disappointed. I am hoping that by the time this issue is actually on the streets and posted on

Pumpkin Spice Milkshake – $34.88 for 32oz w/alcohol (including tax) $26 w/o alcohol

Jim Beam Bourbon cream, Vanilla ice cream, pumpkin spice sauce, pumpkin cheesecake

“Scarface” – $17

Casamigos Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, Lime juice, House made simple syrup, Pinot noir, Tajin Garnished Rim

“Pretty in Pink” – $17

1800 tequila, Malibu Rum, Guava juice, Lime juice, House made Simple Syrup, garnish of dried dragon fruit pieces and rose gold glitter

“Ardi’s Spiked Cobbler” – $16

Crown Royal Apple, bourbon Cream, graham cracker crumbles, apple cinnamon spiced drizzle Rim


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