From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, National Harbor

It’s Time for Summer to Go!

By Lani Gering

It’s Time for Summer to Go!

The heat and the rain that we have had in this area during the last part of August has me over the edge! I can’t wait until fall rolls in. I can only hope that it is a true fall with a little bit of Indian Summer at the onset and then consistent cooler weather all the way up to the holidays. I know I am probably asking for pie in the sky but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

As in years past, September marks the last month of the Salute to Sunset Concerts, the free fitness classes and the other live entertainment that has been taking place during the summer. I guess September in the Harbor is sort of like a dining establishment closing between lunch and dinner so they can clean up from one shift and gear up for the next. The break in September allows the Harbor retailers to push those summer styles and goods out the door to make room for Halloween promotions, Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Restaurants get rid of their summer menus and bring out their fall offerings. Gone is the Froze’ and in comes the spiced cider!

Something that does stay consistent during September is the Capital Wheel, The Flight Deck and the Carousel. These guys have all sorts of promotions going on at any given time. Check them out at for the latest.

The impressive statuary along American Way remains year round and one of my favorite things to do at the Harbor is starting at the bottom of American Way with the Awakening and walking up to Fleet Street and seeing tourists reactions to all of fantastic sculptures. My two favs are Marilyn Monroe and Rosie the Riviter and they both make great backdrops for your “selfie”.

We honor American Workers and Rosie on Labor Day on the 6th. Plan a relaxing day at the Harbor with a stroll around the campus, take a spin on the wheel or ride the carousel and grab something good to eat and drink at one of the many eateries. Feel free to check out the new shops that are popping up as well.

NOTE: At the time of this writing the mask mandate inside public places was put back into place in early August.

Saturday, September 25th

12th Annual National Food and Wine Festival

“A World Class, Waterfront, Culinary Event!”

12:00 PM-6:00 PM


802 National Harbor Boulevard

Join in the excitement of the 12th Annual National Wine and Food Festival in DC; bringing together world-renowned chefs, artisanal craftsmen, and culinary pioneers with thousands of Metro DC’s foodies.


-Over 100 Different INTERNATIONAL and LOCAL Wines, Craft Beers, and Craft Spirits in an ALL-YOU-CARE-TO-TASTE affair. The title says wine but there are all types of adult beverages offered, sampled, and compared.


This year’s show is returning to the Potomac Waterfront with a great Vista. The Lawn will offer more tables and chairs for seating and enjoying the day. Enjoy the view.


-A full VIP area with sampling from 10+ restaurants and many specialty wine, beer and craft spirit tastings.

-Expanded umbrella seating

-A Champagne Lounge NOW in the VIP section. Get bubbly!

-Dance The Afternoon Away with The VIP DJ’s spinning your favorite tunes

-Special VIP Washrooms


-A Souvenir Glass to take home.

-The Rose’ Garden. Wear your best PINK CHIC and taste all the rose’.

-Great Live Music all day.

-Great food to buy from some of DC’s hottest restaurants and Food Trucks.

-Craft Beer Experience. Taste and savor special craft beers at the show … something you don’t usually get at other local wine festivals.

Ticket Information and purchase opportunities:


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