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“The AWLA has a lot of amazing adoptables at the Vola Lawson Animal Shelter and even more in foster care throughout the community.  Meet some of our foster favorites and schedule time to meet them by emailing”


6-year-old Bootsie is loving life in his foster home.  He’s made friends with children, adults and even other cats.  He’s mastered the art of cuddling and perfected his napping skills; he can nap anywhere, anytime, even in the sink.  While Bootsie can be a bit shy at first, give him some time in his new environment and he thrives.  Is this handsome house panther the guy for you?  Email to schedule time to meet him in his foster home!



If a picture tells a thousand words, 102-pound Rey might need a few pictures…and they’ll all be handsome!  This 8-year-old American bulldog will steal your heart – and a lot of your couch – but you won’t mind at all.  His foster “mom” says that he’s a cuddler, a drooler, the absolute star of her virtual morning staff meeting and an instant conversation starter, who goes out of his way to meet everyone on their regular walks.  What’s not to love?  Learn more about Rey by emailing



Striking Acadia got all the best bunny genes.  Her vibrant white fur stands out in startling contrast to her beautiful eyes.  In her foster home, she’s working on her decorating skills, making sure her foster “mom” arranges all of her toys just so…or she’ll have to redo it herself.  She’s also an avid news follower, consuming several newspapers a day – by chewing them up.  She has some visual limitations, but she is not letting them stop her from living her best bunny life.  Find out how to meet Acadia by emailing


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