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Speed & Style Coming Back to Old Town

By Rick Myllenbeck

Speed & Style Coming Back to Old Town

It was late at night, and I was closing up shop – standing on the top step leading to the front door of Sonoma Cellar – when something amazing caught my attention. It was lower King Street. Silent. Empty. Aglow with light from the streetlights, shops and tree lights, in a tranquil, peaceful and beautiful, gem-like moment. It was exceptionally quiet and wonderfully enchanting. Not a soul was out – there were no cars – nothing was moving. In that very serene moment, I was struck in the head with a lightning bolt of an idea…

That was the start of what has become The Old Town Festival of Speed & Style, an event that celebrates the heart and spirit of the community while highlighting the elegance and style of Old Town.

That late night moment on the 200 block of King Street took place over four years ago and has since translated into one of the biggest events in Old Town in many years. Now, the Festival is orchestrated by a fascinating and effective committee comprised of local car enthusiasts who care deeply about the community and volunteer their time.

The inaugural event was held on May 19, 2019, and King Street was overwhelmed with spectators numbering in the multiple thousands. People were excited and in awe to see rare and exotic supercars up close for the first time, which added to the spectacle. And many of the businesses and restaurants were overwhelmed with foot traffic not seen in years. It was a moment to celebrate!

Since then, COVID hit and the Festival was forced to be postponed three times. Remarkably, the organizing committee has stayed together – for over two years now – and continues to be focused on delivering another spectacular event that ultimately benefits the local community. It has been a true blessing that the team stuck together through one of the most devastating experiences in our lifetimes, and never wavered in their commitment to do something incredibly special, like producing The Old Town Festival of Speed & Style.

The intent of the “Speed & Style” concept is to celebrate the speed, performance and elegance of exotic cars, paired with local style and fashion, while highlighting the diverse and classically themed locale of Old Town Alexandria. Admission is FREE and all donations will be split between the USO and the Neighbors Helping Neighbors 50 Alive!

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