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June Pets of the Month

Adopt by appointment at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Virtual and in-person appointments are available at

Beethoven and Mozart, Female, 15 Year Old, Red-Eared Sliders

Why “Slider?” Beethoven and her best gal pal Mozart would be happy to show you! Describing the way they slide off of rocks and into the water, Red-Eared Sliders are beautiful pool-dwelling pets, and two are now available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. Mozart and Beethoven have lived together their entire lives and would like to continue doing so with their future family. They bask together, explore together and enjoy every minute of the day side by side. Are they the turtle best friends for you?

Bonita, 11 Year Old, Female, Tortoiseshell Domestic Shorthair

Hello! My name is Bonita and I am an 11-year-old Tortie looking for a quiet home with a nice family or person. I am a little shy when meeting new people, but warm up quickly. I am a very calm cat who simply enjoys the company of people once I get to know them. I would make a great work from home buddy — I am very quiet and don’t ask for much, except for occasional pets and scratches. I would make a great companion for someone with a quiet lifestyle. So if you are looking for a calm cat who will always be by your side, give me a try. I will be waiting!

Bonita’s photo courtesy of Alison Lane Photography

Chispin and Cookie, 10 and 12 Years Old, Female, Tan and White and Tricolor Hounds

Hello there! My name is Chispin and I am an adorable ten year old hound mix who is searching for a new best friend. But I am not in this search alone — my best friend Cookie is with me every step of the way. You see we have been together a really long time and are pretty much inseparable. So if you adopt me, you also get my good buddy Cookie. But this is good news as we are both great dogs and anyone would be lucky to have us! We both have really sweet dispositions and would make excellent companions for just about anyone. And we don’t take up that much space as we always sleep on the same bed — like I said, we’re inseparable! And we are really cute and walk well together on our leashes. And I am quite the beauty, sporting a mostly white coat with brown spots. And even though we are both considered seniors, we still have a lot of pep in our steps! So if you are interested in meeting this dynamic duo, make an appointment to see us today. You won’t be sorry!

Chispin & Cookie photos courtesy of DeSilva Studios, LLC

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