Pets of the Month – April 2021

Pets of the Month – April 2021

Cola, Adult, Female, Yellow-Bellied Slider

Looking for a best friend who loves to explore? A best friend who loves working on target training and is always ready to earn a treat? Meet Cola the turtle! Yes, turtle! This sweet slider is ready to steal your heart with her silly personality, sense of adventure and love she has for her friends.

Cola photo courtesy of Dirty Paw Photography

Sabrina, 2 Year Old, Female, Black Domestic Short Hair

In case you can’t tell, Sabrina is one funny feline! She can’t wait to make you laugh with her spunky play style and wow you with her pounces and purrs. In her two years so far, Sabrina is yet to meet a toy she hasn’t loved. Wand toys, jingle toys, toys that bounce, toys that roll. Every toy is a joy for Sabrina, and she can’t wait to play with you!

Cookie and Chispin, Senior, Female, Tan and Black and Brown and White Hound Mixes

Cookie and Chispin are best friends! They finish each other’s sentences and each other’s snacks, share their beds and love cuddling up side by side. Currently staying with one of the AWLA’s foster families, they are described as the sweetest, most well-behaved gals you could ever meet. Are they the pair of pups for you?

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