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The Three Faces of Al Green – Restaurateur, Rapper & Rad Dad

By Lani Gering

The Three Faces of Al Green – Restaurateur, Rapper & Rad Dad

Who remembers the 1957 Joanne Woodward movie “The Three Faces of Eve”? If you aren’t an old movie buff or of a certain age, you probably don’t know that the subject matter of this movie is about a woman who has multiple personalities. While Al Green doesn’t have the serious baggage that Eve had, he does have three pretty distinct personalities. He is more than just a Renaissance Man. He has three very distinct loves – Restaurants, Rap and being a Rad (an excellent person or thing) Dad!

Restaurateur Al Green

I met Al when he was managing the newly opened sister restaurant to Bond 45Fiorella’s Italian Kitchen – in National Harbor about 10 or so years ago. He is now the Managing Director for the Fireman Group in National Harbor. Al has spent a good portion of his life in the restaurant business doing just about everything one can do and he still does to this day. When we sat down for this interview he was expediting food and making drinks at Fiorella’s. The pandemic and all of its protocols have certainly changed the way eateries have to do business and manage employees. Speaking of the pandemic, one really good thing to come out of it was the creation of Copious Amounts, Al Green’s new cooking show. During the time that the restaurants were closed he had to do something with his restaurant and cooking skills and he had access to a nice commercial kitchen so….Copious Amounts was born.

Copious is a “from start to finish” show featuring several dishes being prepared at the same time. He incorporates local Rap celebs as well as family members and friends. They produced 18 episodes in 18 weeks and finished the final episode a couple of weeks ago. He is hoping to get it syndicated at some point. Check out the link to an episode here.

Rapper Al aka Kaimbr

While he was enrolled in school at Gallaudet University to study sign language and working part time in the kitchen, Al started his rapping career at the ripe old age of 18. Didn’t take long until he decided that Rap was what he wanted to pursue, so he dropped his interpreter aspirations and morphed himself into “Kaimbr” – pronounced came-ber.  I just found out about Kaimbr when we became Facebook friends a year or so ago and while I am no big fan of Rap, it appears that he’s sort of a big deal in the Rap world. In fact, he is known to most of his friends and acquaintances as Kaimbr.

He tells me that a good portion of them have no idea how involved in the restaurant business he is. His record label is Humble Monarch and he currently has several albums on the market – Share the Shelter, Bronze Horse and The Alexander Green Project as well as Black Earth with more to come in 2021.

Rad Dad Al

Al’s beautiful hazel/green eyes light up when he talks about his kids. His 20 year old daughter Cheyenne, who is a sophomore at Frostburg State College, and his 15 year old twin boys Nathanial and Noah are the light of his life. He told me about his Cotillion experience with Cheyenne and it made me laugh. He says he didn’t know what a great “waltzer” he was until he hit the dance floor with her. I’ve seen photos of them and she is beautiful and it is evident that he is very proud of her. The boys are active in all things 15 year old boys like to do. He tells me they have two very different personalities so there is a good balance in the family. Family is very important to Al and he spends a lot of time with them all. He says that they love to tease and poke fun at each other but in the end it’s all about the laughing that they do when they are together. His family will be welcoming a new member this year. Al Green is getting married

Unlike Woodward’s character Eve, Al Green’s three faces morph into each other. His love of people, food, music and hospitality transcend to each phase of his life. When he is at the restaurants he treats the customers like family, when he is making music he treats his people like family, when he’s filming Copious Amounts he treats his guests like family and when he’s with his family he is a combination of all three. If you have the pleasure of meeting Al, you will be in good hands.

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