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……..Nerds To Go

By Bob Tagert

……..Nerds To Go

As the Corona virus doubles down and cases increase, it is a very difficult time for many businesses…especially those who are starting a new business. Two months ago, Regis DeVeaux opened his own franchise of Nerds To Go next to the OTC office in the 300 block of South Washington Street here in Old Town. NTG is a small to middle size computer repair and service company. Their services include PC and Apple service and repair, virus, malware and spyware removal, wireless networking install and repair, data recovery and backup, child protection and monitoring as well as all iPod, iPhone and X-box service. They also have cellhelmet phone accessories available for purchase in the store.

Although this shop has only been in business for two months, the concept has be developed since 2003. It all began in Connecticut with David Colella, a very successful businessman in the computer industry. By his mid-thirties Colella realized that he wanted more. He had several high-profile positions in the IT industry, but he felt there was still something better out there for him and his family. It was during this time of soul-searching that he first conceived Nerds To Go.

The business model was founded on the premise of providing unprecedented computer and technical support service. They understood the need for technology support among residential computer users and small businesses and decided that they could fill that gap. Indeed, with more folks working from home during this pandemic the need has been accelerated. By taking people with top technical certifications from leading organizations like Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco, and transforming them into customer-service juggernauts with their rigorous NTG training program, they are off and running.

As the program developed, the team wanted to set themselves apart by actually coming to the customer and designing a customized solution for their residential customers. They also looked to supporting small businesses who could not afford to have an IT staff. “We can be a service provider or can be anything you really need from an IT perspective,” Regis tells me. Not only do all of their employees go through a certification process but they each have a background check, reference check and protocols are set to make sure that they focus on customer service.

In a short two months the response has been great Regis tells me, “We have outpaced our goals and we are on track to beat our first month in the second and have hired another ‘Nerd’ as business has picked up.” In addition to garnering residential customers, the company has also closed a few business deals where they remain the service provider for those businesses. As of this writing NTG have serviced over 100 new customers.

As much as the computer age has made publishing a publication like the Old Town Crier a whole lot easier than it was 32 years ago, I still get unnerved when messages pop up saying you need to renew this or you need more storage. For me, it will be nice to have someone right next door to help calm my anxiety.

Another unique service that Regis and his team provide is virtual computer analysis. After a phone call and the proper codes are provided, the Nerds can enter your computer from theirs without having to show up in person. A lot of computer problems can be corrected by this method. This is a popular option for those who are hesitant to invite strangers into their homes with the current virus situation. Rest assured, however, if there is a need to come to your home or business, they follow all of the Covid protocols.

Look for their bright yellow trucks around the neighborhood as well as around the region. Their territory extends to a one hundred mile radius, so you folks out of the Alexandria area can give them a call as well. Computers and I have never gotten along very well, so having the “Nerds” next door is going to make my life easier.

Nerds To Go

319 South Washington Street

Old Town Alexandria



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