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Pets of the Month

Pibb, Adult, Female, Red-Eared Slider

Don’t let Pibb’s serious expression fool you. She’s a jokester at heart! This sweet slider is always at the front of her tank, ready to greet new friends and would love to meet you. She spends her time basking, swimming and getting in naps of course. So if you’re ready to meet a “turtle-y awesome” best friend, schedule an adoption appointment to meet Pibb!

Archie and Acadia, Young, Neutered Male and Spayed Female, Black and Brown Tabby Domestic Short Hairs

Hello world! My name is Acadia (brown tabby) and this is my best friend Archie, and we can’t wait to meet you! At 5 months old, I love cuddling with all of my friends, playing lots… oh and I love doing all of this with Archie of course. Let me tell you, he’s the best. Whenever I need someone to nap with, he’s ready! I have a very inquisitive nature, but that isn’t why my head is tilted adorably all the time. When I was younger, I had a bad ear infection, but my friends here at the AWLA were able to help me so my ears are healthy again! They aren’t sure if I’ll have my distinctive head tilt for the rest of my life, but I don’t care because it doesn’t slow me down. Toys beware! I’m ready to play! I hope you’ll make an appointment at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria to meet me and Archie soon.

Photos courtesy of Dirty Paw Photography

Dazz, Young, Neutered Male, Tan and White Terrier


Ready, set….here he comes! This boy has one speed, 60. Lock your knees and prepare for when he takes off across the yard straight for you…and your heart. Dazz is an energetic, adolescent boy who when he is not running laps at full speed around our play yards, is capturing the hearts of the staff here at AWLA. Dazz is as cool as a cucumber and as fast as a cheetah. So…brace for impact while he slides right into your home and your heart all at the same time. Set up an adoption appointment with Dazz soon!.

Photo courtesy of DeSilva Studios, LLC.

Adopt by appointment at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria! Virtual and in-shelter adoption appointments are available at

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