From the Bay to the Blue Ridge, To the Blue Ridge

Dog Days in the Blue Ridge…

By Julie Reardon w/Lani Gering

Dog Days in the Blue Ridge…

Between the ungodly hot weather, the continuing effects of dealing with the pandemic and life in general, Julie just couldn’t muster up any inspiration for her column this month. She has been dealing with some health issues on top of everything and asked if the OTC could just publish some photos of her beloved dogs and maybe indicate that the Blue Ridge is closed for the Dog Days of Summer.

Well…we were hesitant at first but after a bit of thought decided it wasn’t totally a bad idea. You all know that the Old Town Crier’s tagline has been “From the Bay to the Blue Ridge” for almost 27 of the 32 years we have been publishing, right? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. That being said, we thought it quite fitting to publish these shots of Julie’s Chesapeake Bay Retrievers who reside in the Blue Ridge in this space. Stay cool out there….

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