Notes from the Publisher

Publishers Notes July 2020

Publishers Notes July 2020

Well folks, we have made it through another Coronavirus month and I hope everyone is well. To releave your boredom, take a virtual trip with us to Ocracoke, NC, the Virginia wineries and places in between. To easily practice social distancing, our Road Trip will take you to beautiful Ocracoke Island. Janine Breyel tells us of her memories as she describes the beauty of the island and Chester Simpson always provides stunning photographs. Take a trip!

In Last Word, Miriam Kramer gives us a look at The Chiffon Trenches by Andre Leon Talley. In To the Blue Ridge Julie Reardon tells us about one of nature’s continuous battles. In last month’s issue we featured the plight of the blue crab harvest but this month you can read about how the wild oysters are coming back in From the Bay. In Take Photos, Leave Footprints, Scott Dicken takes us to the mountains…BIG Mountains. In Exploring Virginia Wines, Doug Fabbioli shows us how farming and the wineries can still teach amid the virus. If you are a soft-shell crab fan, check out the recipe in Let’s Eat. If you still aren’t sure about sitting at a restaurant, Dining Out lets you in on some variations of a “picnic”.

As this issue hits the streets July first, the third phase of the COVID-19 reopening will be implemented. Area restaurants will allow up to one hundred percent capacity but will still be cautious of social distancing. To me, that is a good idea. Always keep your mask handy and use it in crowded environments. If we can adhere to these practices amid the re-opening, then hopefully, there will be a lot fewer new cases of COVID-19 than some other states are experiencing. Keep Your Distance, Wash Your Hands and Stay the Course!

In the meantime, light up a sparkler or two or sneak some Black Cats and a couple of bottle rockets into your pocket and celebrate the 4th of July!

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