June Pets of the Month

Virtual Adoptions at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria start with a Virtual Meet-and-Greet and end with you stopping by our shelter to pick up your new best friend. Every step of the process is completed remotely or at a safe physical distance while helping you welcome a new pet into your family. Learn more at AlexandriaAnimals.org/VirtualAdoptions.

Pets of the Month

Shnookums, Adult, Female, Green Red-Eared Slider

Hi, I’m Shnookums! I love taking a break from my daily laps to bask in warm sunlight or my heat lamp.  I’m an omnivorous health nut and have a passion for leafy greens — I can help you finish off that veggie box you ordered and couldn’t figure out what to do with!

I like people, but am naturally introverted and don’t love being picked up and cuddled.  I’d thrive with a family that can respect my self-care time and admire me from outside my tank!

I’m not one to self-promote, but if you are searching for a beautiful, chill, reptilian gal pal to eat bok choy with, I’m your girl. Learn more about meeting me at  AlexandriaAnimals.org/Adopt.

Adoption profile: https://alexandriaanimals.org/animal-profile/?id=43400

Adoption information: https://alexandriaanimals.org/adoption-information/

Link, Adult, Neutered Male, Gray Tabby Domestic Shorthair

Hi! My name is Link, and I’m a cat of action! My favorite things to do are play and nap. Some people say napping isn’t very active, but they’re just doing it wrong. With so many different bed options – covered, flat, blankets, towers – and an array of sun and shade combinations, I could talk endlessly about the planning that goes into taking my naps. Add a best friend to nap with to that combination and I’d never stop nap-strategizing! To learn more about meeting me, the expert napper, visit AlexandriaAnimals.org/Adopt.

Adoption profile: https://alexandriaanimals.org/animal-profile/?id=43663

Adoption information: https://alexandriaanimals.org/adoption-information/

Rambo, Adult, Neutered Male, Tan and Black Pit Bull Terrier

Hi! I’m so excited to meet you! I think all humans are my best friends and I love being around them! I get along with everyone of every age, after all age is just a number, but I’m not super fond of my fellow dogs, so I’d prefer to be the only canine family member.

I have a gentle disposition and just want to cuddle & snuggle with my friends. I enjoy walks and playtime, but I’m also very happy as a couch potato, as long as my favorite humans are with me.

I’m looking for a family that will give me lots of love and affection, and in return I promise to be a devoted companion and your best friend! Learn more about meeting me at AlexandriaAnimals.org/Adopt.

Adoption profile: https://alexandriaanimals.org/animal-profile/?id=43495

Adoption information: https://alexandriaanimals.org/adoption-information/

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