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Dead Weight by PVRIS

By Ron Powers

Dead Weight by PVRIS

PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”) is back with a smashing single called “Dead Weight”. The new song is the first single off the band’s upcoming album (“Use Me”) which is set for release May 1st. “Dead Weight” engages the listener on multiple levels, holding appeal for fans of both EDM and rock music. The song has a lush pop sound mixed with aggressive rock tones and is sure to please everyone from modern-day pop fans to 90s grunge rock lovers.

My favorite thing about this song is Lynn Gunn’s vocal performance. The emotion and energy she conveys knocked me out. The verse melody is a mix of hard rock with hip-hop undertones and staccato pop hooks. Gunn introduces dark and serene vibes on the pre-chorus which adds an enjoyable twist to the song. And for the chorus she gets aggressive, implementing a driving rhythm which makes the song the hard hitter that it is.

“Dead Weight” is about getting rid of what doesn’t serve you. It’s about standing up for yourself when others are taking from you. Gunn expresses what it feels like to constantly give and get nothing back. She’s noticing that something has to give. She talks about how if she starts “cracking at the center”, everything she’s working for will go away. A difficult choice emerges. Does she let all this dead weight crush her or does she get in touch with her merciless side and cut the dead weight out of her life? The song expresses the difficulty of being caught between two tough choices.

The production of this track is another highlight. It sizzles with saturation and fuzz yet has a slickness and shine to it. “Dead Weight” is somehow smooth and chaotic at the same time. For the verses, the band establishes an aggressive groove lead by full bodied distorted drums and bass. The vocal performance for the verses also adds to its muscular tone. Next, the pre-chorus introduces an unexpected and enjoyable dynamic. Descending guitar lines, lush atmospheric chords, and a dreamy melody fill the speakers. This section is a testament to the power of Lynn Gunn as a front woman. Her ability to transition from edgy power to delicate beauty is central to what gives PVRIS their impressive range of expression. But the real test of any great song is the chorus. I found myself compulsively bobbing my head every time it was introduced. It has a driving groove that expresses both rock-and-roll power and hip-hop swagger which gives “Dead Weight” its hit song magic.

This song was written in the spirit of renewal which goes perfectly with Springtime. Whether you’re cleaning out your garage, straightening up your closet, or situating your life this season, be sure to listen to PVRIS for a bit of inspiration while you dispose of the “Dead Weight” in your life. If you’d like to know more about the band, you can find them at, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also find their music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and most places music is streamed or sold.   

Ron Powers is an independent A&R specialist and music industry consultant and is constantly searching for, discovering and writing about new talent in all genres.

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