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Tiger, Adult, Spayed Female, White Short-haired Rabbit


What does adoptable Tiger want you to know about her? Well, she is one smart gal and always knows who has the treats and where they are. Tiger is also ready to try any new thing. Games, meeting new friends, clicker training, she’s ready to go! And lastly, she wants you to know that she’s ready to meet her new best friend. Could it be you?


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Photo of Tiger courtesy of Dirty Paw Photography


Sweet Pea, Adult, Spayed Female, Tortoiseshell Domestic Shorthair


You’ve heard of life in technicolor, but what about life in torti-color? Sweet Pea sees the world through her torti-color glass, which means every sunny spot is a napping opportunity, every feather wand is an offer to play and person who walks past her enclosure might be her new best friend. Her optimism was never damped by her time all alone as a stray, because Sweet Pea knows that at the end of any storm is a beautiful orange and brown rainbow.


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Photo of Sweet Pea courtesy of the AWLA



Cocoa, Adult, Spayed Female, Brown and White American Pit Bull Terrier


Cocoa has made a lot of friends during her stay at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, especially with the volunteers who walk with her and spend time with her in her kennel. How do they describe her?


“The sweetest, cuddliest dog ever!”

“OMG! What a loving, gentle, warm and loving dog.” (Yes, she is that loving!)

“What a good girl. We chased the toys and then she just wanted to get face rubs and sit for treats.”

“She drowned me in kisses and snuggled next to me.”


Is Cocoa the pup for you?


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Photo of Cocoa courtesy of Dirty Paw Photography


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