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Instagram and the Restaurant Industry

Instagram and the Restaurant Industry

By Ashley Rosson

Have you noticed how restaurants and public places are becoming more “Instagrammable”? Suddenly there is a new neon sign on a back wall, a collection of plants framed into a square shot. In some ways, it seems a little forced- but then again, with so many people now posting their experience on Insta, and tagging the location, it can serve as significant, free promotional opportunity for those businesses that get it right. From visually appealing plates to splashing out on eye-catching décor, restaurants are capitalizing on the sharing craze to boost their business and get free advertising from legions of adoring fans.

According to

  • 69% of millennial diners take a photo of their food before eating it.
  • 59% of millennial diners say they review menus online often or very often.
  • 20% more millennials dine out than their generational predecessors.
  • 50% of Gen-Z prefers limited service and fast casual to full service restaurants.
  • 30% of millennial diners actively avoid restaurants with a weak Instagram presence.
  • Some of the most “grammed” foods are pizza, sushi, chicken, salad, past, bacon, burgers, eggs, steak, and salmon.

Restaurants are also adjusting the way the restaurant runs and is designed. They are implementing eye-catching wallpaper or wall art providing the perfect background for photographs or food. They are investing in spaces with natural light, or using overhead spotlights for picture-perfect snaps. They are including colorful walls or murals to bring in foot traffic off the street to help them get “geo-tagged,” which supplies the location of the restaurant. Some restaurants are even handing out miniature tripods and LED lights to encourage diners to share their snaps. Restaurants are also creating a narrative in their restaurant to intrigue customers.

Jack’s Wife Freda, a popular New York eatery, retells the love story of the founder’s grandparents in the food, décor, and encourages diners to start their own love story with sweet souvenirs such as coasters that read, “We Met At Jack’s Wife Freda”. Most importantly, restaurants are creating signature dishes that look great on Instagram, resulting in higher sales, as diners are often purchasing several meals, just for the pictures. So the next time you go to your favorite spot to eat, look around and see if they have adjusted their dining experience to make it more “Instagrammable”!

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