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Pedego Electric Bikes are on the Run!

By Lani Gering

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Pedego Electric Bikes are on the Run!

Pedego Electric Bikes made their debut into Old Town Alexandria a little over a year ago when, after 25 years, Todd Ketch decided to leave his lobbying/association management position in D.C. to pursue something that he has a passion for and that provides something for people that makes them happy and is fun…enter Pedego. When he was sourcing for his second career, he ran across an article in Inc. Magazine that highlighted the founders of Pedego – Californians Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry – and the rest his history. He liked what he read and decided having a Pedego Electric Bike dealership was the way to go.

Not your run of the mill two wheeler, a Pedego has an electric motor that provides two variations of assistance – Pedal Assist and Twist Assist. The Pedal Assist systems sense your pedaling and provide assistance automatically and the Twist Assist is actually a throttle on the handle bar that provides full power on demand. Most Pedegos have both options since that’s what people want. Pedal assist is nice for that long ride with a few stops while the throttle is good if you can’t pedal for some reason or just don’t feel like it.  These cool bikes come in several different models. Everything from the collapsible “Latch” that can travel almost everywhere to a three wheeled “Trike” that is built for optimal comfort and stability. There are models for every level of expertise and I am sure the “Trail Tracker” will even appeal to the hard core mountain biker. From all appearances, I think the bulk of the interest in these modes of transportation comes from those of us in the 40-65+- age range – which is most of the Old Town Crier readership. That being said, however, there are models for young families that can accommodate kids (and pets) and a tandem version that is a way up-ticked version of that “bicycle built for two” of old.

The store is located a bit off of the beaten path (aka King Street) on North Lee Street but from the walk-in traffic that came in during my short time there, it appears people are definitely interested. An older couple had called ahead and came in to pick up their reserved bikes and I got to witness the kind of customer service Ketch and his staff provide. While Ketch is definitely the “total expert”, Kyra and Courtney definitely know what they are doing and it is obvious that they all want their customers to have a great experience. It was fun spending part of my afternoon with them as they explained all of the different options and the benefits of one bike over another as well as sharing some personal stories in the mix.

The main goal at the store is to sell and maintain the bikes but giving people the opportunity to rent (see photo of rental options) them is attractive to many. This gives you a chance to really check one out and see what is going to work for you. It is definitely an investment and you want to be sure you pick the model that will work best for you. The price point runs between $1,895 and $5,495. Todd told me that the most popular bikes they sell go for $3,295 to $3,595. And….they have all of the accessories that will enhance your adventure on hand at the store.

When I inquired as to what prompted Ketch to locate in Old Town and basically what he told me added up to the ‘perfect storm’ – besides being located in a popular tourist area (lots of rental opportunities) and having access to some fantastic bike trails, a good portion of the locals fall into their prime age range, have higher than average income levels and are still looking for an adventure.

Todd is passionate about his Pedegos, that’s for sure. He told me, “We want people to come in and try them. Having the motor to assist during the ride opens up a whole new world of possibilities for people who haven’t ridden bikes in years or may want to continue to ride but have knee, hip or other health issues to overcome. With the assistance of the motor they can keep up an active lifestyle.  Knowing that my product can provide this for them is a joy for me.”

While I didn’t have time to take one of the bikes for a spin when I was interviewing Todd and the ladies, I am definitely going to go back and give it a Pede“Go”! I think you should too!

Pedego Electric Bikes

210 North Lee Street

Old Town Alexandria


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