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Juke Box Jams

By Ron Powers

Juke Box Jams

Chance is a European DJ who recently moved to the US. She’s a skilled singer, songwriter, remixer, producer, keyboardist and percussionist. This formidable list of abilities shines bright on her latest EP “Juke Box Jams”. This EP is a fresh mix of EDM, Hip Hop and Pop music with a wide range of European and American influences permeating every song.

The first track (“I See Fire”) begins with infections staccato piano chords, an arpeggiated synth bass line with a sweeping EQ filter and a sturdy four-on-the-floor kick drum that has just the right amount of punch. Throughout the song we hear Chance’s smooth voice employing catchy melodies along with uplifting and positive lyrics about never giving up.

Next, we hear what sounds like a voltage starved drum machine coupled with an ominous sub-bass which introduces the second track (Juke, Juke Box). As the song progresses, a brass-synth section and pulsing synth bass are layered in along with a fantastic harp melody line.

The vocals on this track take an unconventional approach. Three separate vocal melodies, all with different lyrics, are introduced simultaneously. This was very intriguing to me. It almost has the feel of Free Jazz.

Track three off Juke Box Jams is called “No Problem, Just Carry Me”. This song begins with a lightning fast rap which is masterfully performed by featured artist DJ cMx. As the song develops, a hook-laced vocal line, delivered by Chance, is introduced along with a cool sinewave bass line that further draws the listener in. The vocal hook is then looped and utilized as an additional element of the music while DJ cMx raps on top.

The fourth track (“Juke Juke, Box Jam”) offers more great melodies as well as spot on Jamaican flavored raps. This melody/rap combination delivers a satisfying dose of pop and edge to the track. Vocals are delivered over classic 80s synth bass and drums which, along with droning synths and sound effects, make for an eclectic mix of flavors which come together to create something new and interesting.

Track number five is called “One Last Dance (Drake Please Stay)”. This song was made for the club. You see strobe lights and lasers in broad daylight while listening to it, and no rave would be complete if it didn’t play this song at least once. With an irresistible bass line and beat that doesn’t let up, “One Last Dance” makes you feel like you’ve just drank three Red Bulls and gone to heaven.

The final song off “Juke Box Jams” is called “Juke Juke, Box Jam Too”. The rapping on this track is the best of the EP. This is the kind of song you feel the second the needle hits the wax. There’s a deep groove in the beat that gets into your blood right away. It makes for a satisfying end to a collection of songs I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

If you’d like to learn more about Chance, you can find her on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Soundcloud, and most places music is digitally sold. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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