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Adulting is Hard.

By Peggie Arvidson Adulting is Hard. It’s a popular meme theme these days – “Adulting is hard.” Some variation of that shows up in my social feeds every week. And I laugh – usually wryly. Because I’m not in the business of one-upping pain and suffering (trust me, there is more than enough for us all) I have no desire to dispel the Millennial’s truth that separating colors while doing laundry is a pain the neck. It is, after all, so annoying that I admit that I rarely separate colors from whites. (Yes, that explains why my entire wardrobe is a lovely shade of eggshell blue.) The older I get the more compassion I have for my ancestors (and yours). Being an adult is a unique opportunity in a human lifespan. Certainly, in nature there are adult animals, adult trees and adults abound among the living, yet human adults find themselves in a position that comes as a surprise to each of us. (If you haven’t been surprised by the occurrence of adulthood, I’d love to know.) Obviously, I am not surprised by the FACT of being an adult. I knew it was coming all along. In fact, I might say that I’ve been hurtling toward it from an early age. I couldn’t wait to “grow up.” Here are some of my favorite moments that I couldn’t wait to achieve – simply by merit of aging: getting my ears pierced; getting contact lenses instead of glasses; a driver’s license; college; my own apartment; holidays at my house; marriage! That’s a short list, but you see the point. From 3rd grade on, I’ve been willing time to race so I could arrive at the next “thing,” and by merit of that achievement be grown. Of course, age is just a number….

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