Pets of the Month

Phoebe, Young, Spayed Female, White and Black Hotot Rabbit

Phoebe is the most fashionable bun in town. Her look is as bold as her personality, which she isn’t afraid to show either. Miss Phoebe loves her people, especially when they’re doting on her with pets and treats, and would be happy to lounge by their side for spa nights in or an evening of TV on the couch, with breaks for strolls in the garden in a bunny harness. She can’t wait to meet her future best friend and that might just be you!

Adoption profile:

Adoption information:

Photo courtesy of Alison Lane Photography

Katie, Senior, Spayed Female, Black and White Domestic Longhair

Hello, my name is Katie and I’ve been asked to introduce myself. I’m not one for greeting new people, but I’ll give this a try. My favorite people let me sit on their laps and are quiet and patient with me while I settle in for cuddles. My hobbies include maintaining my fluff, bird watching – robins preferred – and watching history documentaries, but mostly because they are so nice to sleep through. I will do my best to introduce myself when you stop by the shelter to meet me and I hope you do soon.

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Photo courtesy of Alison Dombrowsky

Sally, Adult, Spayed Female, Tricolor Beagle

Harry, Adult, Neutered Male, Black German Shepherd

We don’t know when Harry met Sally. But we do know this bonded pair is inseparable. To paraphrase a famous movie quote, “then two dogs realize they want to spend their lives together in a new home, they want to find their home as soon as possible”. Harry is a cuddlebug who loves attention from humans. He’s a little pickier when it comes to dogs. Sally is patient and kind – especially when waiting for treats and love. Together, they are looking for a home where they can thrive. Come visit them today because they believe everyone can be friends!

Adoption profile:

Adoption information:

Photo courtesy of Shelley Castle Photography

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