Pets of the Month

Rocky, Young, Male, Black Mouse

Rocky might not be a flying squirrel but he’s still quite the jokester!  He’s working on his standup comedy routine, starting with comments on the weather – “I’m not going outside!  It’s raining cats and dogs!” – and riff at his friends – “Mickey sounds like he could use some oil.  Have you heard the way he squeaks?”  This comedic little mouse is always ready to show off for the audience, and he’d love to show off for you!

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Rocky – Photo courtesy of Alison Lane Photography

Aimee, Adult, Spayed Female, Grey Tabby Domestic Shorthair

Hello! I’m Aimee and I’m a one of a kind gal because I love every cat I meet!  I have lots of feline friends in my staff office and would love to have a kitty sibling in my future family.  I can be a little unsure about meeting new people but with another whiskered friend by my side, I’ll show you just want a cuddly lady I can be!

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Aimee – Photo courtesy of Shelley Castle Photography

Sassy, Adult, Spayed Female, Brown and Black Boxer

Sassy is a Boxer who loves life! While her shelter-given name may be Sassy; her true identity is Wiggle Bum! She’s the happiest girl in the world, and you’ll never find her without a smile and a tail waggle… well maybe when she’s sleeping! This sweet, sassy lady is looking for a home where she can go on all the adventures and have a cozy couch to crash on (what can we say, we think she deserves the best of both worlds!). One glance at this charming lady, and you’ll want to take her home in a heartbeat… don’t believe us? Stop by the AWLA and give it a try!

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Sassy – Photo courtesy of Dirty Paw Photography

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