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Chelsea Dagger – We’ll Have Some Fun

By Ron Powers

Chelsea Dagger – We’ll Have Some Fun

In a world full of ulterior motives, fake news, and alternative facts, it’s refreshing to come across a straightforward rock and roll band. There’s something bracing about an artist that employs tried and true methods with a steady and knowing hand. That’s what I found in Chelsea Dagger’s new EP.

With intelligent and simple arrangements that include classic chord progressions, buzzing lead guitar, rumbling bass lines, and cracking drums, Chelsea Dagger selects picture perfect tone, balance, and melody to make any rock fan happy. Simply letting songs speak for themselves is a quality not often found in today’s over polished music, but Chelsea Dagger achieves this with effortless style and taste.

The first track on the EP is called “Somebody Told Me You’re A Mess”. It’s about a relationship gone bad. The lyrics are open to multiple interpretations, but I see them as the singer reflecting on the happy moments of a failed relationship with the knowledge that he would ultimately hurt the person he was with. On the chorus we hear…

“Yeah we’ll have some fun

but when it’s all done

I’m gonna make you cry

and when the day comes

you’ll wish you had run

I’m gonna make you cry”

On their face the lyrics are a bit of a downer, but when coupled with a catchy melody and driving upbeat music “Somebody Told Me You’re A Mess” delivers an intriguing irony that rivets the listener’s attention. This is the type of song you know is going to be good the second it begins.

Chelsea Dagger knows how to write a good hook. I found myself humming the melody when waking up in the morning and getting ready for work.  The verse to chorus movements are picture perfect with just the right amount of dynamic ebb and flow to keep things interesting.

The second track is called “Tighten Up Lonely Boy”. This song happens to be my favorite. It begins with an irresistible groove composed of a thumping round bass line and overdriven drums. Next, we hear an outrageously catchy melody coupled with equally impressive lyrics. Then the chorus kicks in with the full band playing power chords and a lead guitar lick reminiscent of blues legends like Junior Wells and Muddy Waters. Coming in just over two minutes “Tighten Up Lonely Boy” is the type of song you’re happy to play twice.

Tom Petty has a great proverb for songwriters: “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” Chelsea Dagger follows this advice to the letter. Boredom comes nowhere near this energy packed gem. With classic verse-to-chorus structure, along with fuzzy solos and bridge sections to give variation, Chelsea Dagger is establishing themselves as a band to watch.   

Chelsea Dagger is not reinventing the wheel by any stretch of the imagination, but there is something new and fresh present in the music. Following in the footsteps of artists like The Kinks, The Ramones and The Cars, Chelsea Dagger is carrying forward a tradition of heartfelt well-crafted tunes with a rock edge proving that, like a good sunset, people never grow tired of a well written song.

You can hear Chelsea Dagger’s music on Spotify and other streaming sites.

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