Product of the Month: Nitro Noir by Kierin NYC

Nitro Noir by KIERIN NYC

What They Say:

An irresistible rendez-vous with the city night. Hypnotic, sensual head notes of orris flood the senses with intense heart notes of vibrant pink-berries and a pucker of bergamot infused in a delectable dry down of earthy patchouli for a scent that is sexy and impossible to resist! Genderless but never generic, Nitro Noir is a bold scent for men and women. Perfect for every day, or night, to enhance the mood or match your vibe. Made in the USA. Our designs are unique with NYC art-inspired labels living “on the edge”, wrapped around our canvas-like white bottles like so many murals of street art.

What We Say:

This fragrance is NOT for the faint of heart or for someone who wants to maintain a subtle aura. It is very reminiscent of the days of the original hippies (‘60’s, ‘70’s) since one of its main ingredients in patchouli. We recommend this for those of you who are of a certain age and want a “Blast from the Past” or those youngsters out there who realize that “Everything Old is New” and you want to be just as cool.

Available online at 

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