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Random Harvest Home Furnishings

By Lani Gering

Random Harvest Home Furnishings

“Instant gratification takes too long” – Carrie Fisher

Beth Aberg and Random Harvest have been in Old Town Alexandria almost as long as the Old Town Crier has been being published. We are talking almost 30 years. It is quite a feat for a retail business to be so successful for so many years in this day and age – especially in Old Town. Perhaps Aberg and her staff have created the right combination of quality inventory, talented designers and stellar customer service. While the Old Town location is her anchor, she also has Random Harvest in two other locations – Georgetown and Bethesda.

When asked what brought her to Old Town those many years ago, she told me it was a classic case of following a spouse who had a promotion. They were living in New York City and had a store in Manhattan’s Upper West Side before they made the move.  When looking for possible locations for space in the area, Old Town Alexandria captured her attention. She tells me that she was looking for an urban space that also had an authentic “feel”. The mix of residential and commercial in Old Town was just what she was looking for and the rest is history.

Let’s talk about the store. The inventory in the store is unique and ever evolving. This is a perfect case of “Quality vs Quantity”. The furnishings and accessories are pretty much one of a kind. Random Harvest does handle some limited edition pieces but that is as close as they get to carrying commercial lines. They pride themselves on using small vendors that handle a variety of pieces. The pricing at the store is such that there are pieces and accessories in every price range. The gorgeous window displays beg you to come in. It’s hard to walk by without going in to check a price on something in the window. They always have fabulous wine glasses on display – one of my weaknesses. They also have in-house designers and they custom design and build upholstery at a very reasonable price.

You can tell by the photos that accompany this column that they have an array of inventory. This is a place that you have to visit at least seasonally since it changes just that fast. If you prefer to use your hi tech capabilities, you can log on to their website that (in their words “Is meant to be a ‘window’ into our stores, showing samples of the furniture and accessories we carry.” Due to the rotating of their stock, they don’t accept special orders for items that aren’t currently on hand. Remember you do have access to the inventory in all three stores so, between them, I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Even though you can purchase online they recommend that you visit one of their showrooms to get a personal view of the merchandise before you buy.

Like they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words” – enjoy those featured here.

Random Harvest Old Town

810 King Street


Random Harvest Georgetown

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